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Kolymbithres: zoom on the most famous beach of Paros

Written on : 11 February 2019

There is no shortage of beaches in the paradise archipelago of Cyclades, especially in Paros. It is common to find a sublime beach near your luxury villa, especially for properties with direct access to the beach. Here we zoom in on Kolymbithres, which enjoys the title of the most famous beach in Paros.
And we understand why! Idyllic setting, unusual rocks, endless activities, all near the charming port of Naoussa...Kolymbithres has everything to please and will light up your days with your feet in the water of Paros. Judge for yourself!

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A heavenly beach

A heavenly beach

Every year, Paros is coveted by travellers for its undeniable beauty and Greek charm. The beach of Kolymbithres is simply the image of this magnificence. Located in the immense bay of Naoussa and Plastira, the limpid and shallow water allows a calm and pleasant bath, essential in the heat of the Cyclades in summer. If the sea is crystalline, then the sand is fine and warm, making the place even more pleasant. When you enter the water, sand and water become one.
The turquoise water, the light grey granite rocks, and the white of the sand offer a magnificent contrast of colours.

Kolimbithres is a witness of the past, making it particularly impressive and unique. More specifically, natural phenomena over several centuries have made the beach an open-air museum of natural works of art. Indeed, the sea and the wind have engraved in the huge granite blocks that line the beach, strange and surprising shapes, similar to stone carvings. These have created natural pools filled with salt water, comparable to natural pools. We guarantee you an unusual swim! Cut by numerous creeks and rocks, Kolymbithres offers small exclusive bays in which you can find small isolated corners for a moment in complete privacy.

The idyllic setting is accentuated by the view of the small island of Aiga Kali and its traditional chapel. This can be visited if you access it by boat. You can also enjoy an exclusive moment of relaxation with the sun loungers and parasols available. All along the coast, you can stop in one of the charming establishments, for a meal in a Greek tavern by the sea. An authentic experience is guaranteed! Also, many bars offer bathers refreshments. Let yourself be tempted by one of the delicious colourful cocktails!

A large panel of activities

A large panel of activities

If its idyllic setting makes Kolymbithres a beach appreciated by lovers of sunbathing, it also offers a wide range of activities to do as a family. For lovers of water activities, good news, a centre recently opened close to the beach. Try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding, you will have the impression of walking on the transparent waters of the bay. For thrills, let yourself be tempted by water skiing, ideal on these calm waters. Also, you can let yourself be carried by the winds of the Cyclades whilst windsurfing. For a more leisurely time on the water, explore the different small creeks from a paddle boat, canoe or kayak. Finally, for a moment of pure entertainment with family or friends, let yourself be pulled by a motor boat on a banana boat or a towed buoy.

In addition, the transparency of the shallow water bordered by the rocks of Kolymbithres is perfect for snorkelling and diving. The clear sea will let you see and observe the lush underwater flora and fauna: colourful fish, sea urchins, corals, crabs...discoveries that will amaze both children and adults.

Also, near the beach, is the port of Naoussa which deserves a visit! A small atypical port, it transcribes all the authenticity of Paros sometimes damaged by the tourist attractions. Thus, you can see fishermen playing cards next to the small church, small cobbled streets, sailors repairing their nets, octopuses unwinding their tentacles while drying in the sun, multicoloured layers...Upon your arrival, you will be dazzled by the picturesque shops with typical Greek colours; white walls and shades of blue. The shops are open until late at night, allowing you to enjoy them after a long day at the beach.

How to get there?

How to get there?

We convinced you? So how to get there? The idyllic experience of Kolymbithres begins with your transfer to the beach. Accessible by small boats that serve as shuttle from the port to the various beaches of the bay, you can access the bay by surveying the transparent waters while passing through the various creeks. The boats are frequent, especially in summer, and are inexpensive (3 euros for children, 6 euros for adults). To push the authenticity of this experience even further, you can also go aboard a caicos, which are traditional little Greek fishing boats.

You can also go to Kolymbithres by the paved road by local or private bus. On the way, the landscapes are just as impressive as from the boat, traversing the roads lined with greenery.