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Last minute summer vacation

Written on : 29 May 2019
By : Clarisse Haurogné

You want to treat yourself to a holiday this summer but you still can't decide on a destination? This article was designed just for you! The Villanovo team has compiled a list of villas spread across Ibiza, Marrakech, Greece, Portugal, Italy and France. The choice is yours! Enjoy the sun, swim in a crystal clear seas or let yourself be tempted by the mountains and abundant nature, all guaranteed to grant you an exceptional and unforgettable vacation.

Don't miss your chance and go on holiday this summer to one of these dream destinations with your family or friends. At the end of our article, you will find a selection of villas on offer summer and their availability.  



Ibiza, a majestic island in the Balearic archipelago, is renowned throughout the world for its heavenly coves and beaches as well as its unparalleled rich heritage. Thanks to this, the island has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Mediterranean climate, unique architecture and authentic landscapes attract millions of travellers each year wanting to discover the spectacular and exotic island of Ibiza. Ibiza with its diversity of landscapes and atmospheres. From the small typical villages and wild coves of the northern part of the island to the many monuments dating back to the times of the Romans, Byzantines and Catalans, as well as the various trendy establishments where hundreds of partygoers flock, there is something for everyone and everyone can find their niche.

Discover the coasts and their white sandy beaches and enjoy a swim in the crystal clear and warm waters of Ibiza. For the most festive, various beaches offer an atmosphere combining leisure and electronic music. The many wild coves will also amaze you with their charm and authenticity. This is an opportunity to discover the seabed and their stranded wrecks, a real joy for the eyes. For lovers of nature and wide open spaces, the Natural Park of Ses Salines will charm you with its exceptional landscapes and biodiversity. Observe a mixture of beaches, dunes, cliffs and marshes where many pink flamingos take refuge. Don't forget your camera because you'll be amazed. Not to mention expanses of land and their fields of carob trees, lemon trees, orange trees and other varieties.

The beautiful island of Ibiza also has a lot to offer in terms of culture and traditions. Stroll through the colourful alleys of the Es Canar hippie market and lose yourself in the alleys of the old town of Dalt Vila or let yourself be tempted by a visit to the fincas or churches with their unique architecture, located all over Ibiza. An island that transforms itself and wakes up at nightfall. Enjoy a festive and lively night atmosphere with the many small night markets, musical shows and the many bars and discos on the island.



Similarly to Ibiza, France has a very impressive diversity of landscapes. From mountainous massifs and their snow-covered reliefs to wild coasts bordered by beaches, cliffs and coves, passing through charming towns and villages with a strong and authentic identity, France is full of treasures that are waiting to be discovered. One of the world's favourite travel destinations due to its charm and impressive cultural and natural heritage. From north to south of the country, you will discover sites and landscapes that are unlike any other. From Celtic Brittany and its preserved heritage, to the majestic Parisian capital and its incredible cultural richness, to the dream beaches of the French Riviera, there is plenty to amaze your eyes! Not to mention the French gastronomic specialities that delight the taste buds of the whole world. The choice is yours!

Located in the turquoise and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you will find the famous island of Corsica. Nicknamed "the mountain in the sea", the island has all the assets to enchant you. Corsica is the ideal destination for a summer getaway, containing exceptional natural landscapes combined with heavenly beaches and mountainous reliefs culminating at over 2000 metres and numerous cultural sites spread throughout the island. This is the opportunity to visit the wild coves that border the island, take a break and enjoy the dream beaches with their turquoise waters like the famous Sperone, discover the island's unique cultural heritage by visiting the citadels of Calvi and Bonifacio and the Romanesque chapels of Castagniccia, or venture inland to discover Corsica's nature reserves. An unparalleled diversity and the strong attachment of the Corsicans to their land will delight the whole family!

Another French island worth a visit is the beautiful and untamed Île de Ré. Located in the Bay of Biscay, Ré la Blanche is a dream destination with its extremely well-preserved natural and cultural sites and its relaxed way of life. Discover the large fine sandy beaches bordering the island and enjoy fishing on foot, walking through the mazes of the salt marshes and admire the craftsmanship of the salt farmers or lose yourself in the flowery alleys of hollyhocks and let yourself be charmed by the mythical white houses with their green shutters.



Combining mountainous landscapes and absolutely fabulous coastlines, Greece is famous throughout the world for its whitewashed houses and blue domes. A traditional architecture that delights the millions of travellers who visit. This destination is also renowned for its ancient culture and impressive historical heritage. It must be said that Greece is unique in that it is divided on all sides by mountains and sea. About 6,000 Greek islands are located in the Mediterranean basin, the best known being Crete, Mykonos and Santorini. Small territories, each with its own particular identity and unique traditions.

Lovers of ancient Greece will be delighted as the country is full of museums, ruins and exceptional archaeological sites. Discover Athens, the Greek capital famous for its Acropolis and Parthenon, not to mention the Peloponnese and its ancient sites, the Olympia stadium or the famous Meteora site. Come back with vivid and unforgettable memories! However, Greece is not only ruins and monuments of the ancient period. The territory is full of natural sites of undeniable beauty and rarity well worth a look. From the mountainous landscapes to the lush vegetation of mainland Greece to the heavenly panoramas of the Greek islands, there is something for everyone!

You are tempted by the Greek islands but you don't know which one to choose? If you like mountains and wide open spaces, you will love Crete. If you love to party then opt for the trendy Mykonos. Romantics will be fascinated by the spectacular landscapes of the volcanic Santorini. And finally, if you are a tranquil and relaxed person, opt for the paradisiacal beaches of Elafonissi with its pink sand.



Portugal is a destination that attracts more and more travellers every year. And for good reason! This charming country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and Spain has a Mediterranean flair. A land with contrasting landscapes worthy of a postcard, a mild and pleasant climate all year round and friendly locals, what more could you ask for?

Portugal has an impressive and very well preserved historical and cultural heritage. If you are passionate about history and architecture, you will inevitably find the perfect place to enjoy the warm Portuguese sun. Discover an authentic and rich culture by visiting the old quarter of Alfama and its colourful houses in Lisbon. Climb the steps of the Clergy Tower to enjoy the breathtaking view of the beautiful city of Porto or venture into the small fishing villages that border the coast such as the famous village of Comporta, an authentic and very well preserved place. So many cultural sites and monuments that have survived through the ages and now blend in perfectly with modern buildings.

Portugal is also a country of breathtaking natural landscapes that will surprise you with their beauty and rarity. Mountain and wide open spaces enthusiasts will be delighted to discover northern Portugal and its various natural parks. As for lovers of idleness and relaxation, the Algarve is for you! This southern region is constantly bathed in sunshine and has large expanses of idyllic beaches, spectacular cliffs and wild coves. A flagship destination that also pleases for its many water and land activities and its gentle way of life no matter the season. If you dream of staying with family or friends in a welcoming country, with varied and exceptional landscapes and exquisite culinary specialities, Portugal is simply the destination for you!



Located in North Africa, between sea and mountains, Morocco is a must. A cultural centre with Berber, Arab and European influences. The country is also famous for its timeless landscapes, desert plateaus, oases, valleys and fertile plains. A preserved and unique nature that will satisfy lovers of wide open spaces. Morocco has territories and cities with their own identity and traditions. From the pretty port city of Essaouira, to the charming and green Rabat, not to mention the very lively Marrakech, Morocco has many wonders in store for you!

Marrakech, Morocco's leading tourist destination, is a real gem. This multifaceted city will amaze both young and old with its rich cultural heritage and its vast expanses of absolutely breathtaking wilderness. The Medina is undoubtedly the most famous and visited cultural site in Marrakech. To venture into its souks and stroll through the many small shops with their exquisite colours and scents is a real pleasure. Stop at the majestic Jemma El Fna Square, a giant outdoor theatre where musicians, craftsmen, snake charmers and tourists meet.

The ochre city is home to new trendy neighbourhoods that attract more and more tourists every year. Discover Guéliz, a district with Western influences, home to numerous headquarters and offices, also renowned for its entertainment, café terraces, bars and luxury boutiques. A touch of modernity that blends perfectly with traditional Moroccan architecture. Hivernage is also very popular and stands out for its refinement and more residential atmosphere. A very modern and quiet district where the most prestigious hotels and many chic and trendy restaurants are located.

Nature lovers and tranquility enthusiasts will also be delighted. Between a camel ride in the Moroccan desert, a hike to conquer the mountains and waterfalls of the Ourika Valley at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, a horse-drawn carriage ride in the Palm grove and a refreshing break in the famous Majorelle Garden, Marrakech is a rich and complex land that has much to offer. A contrast of colours and atmospheres that will make you melt away!

Don't miss your chance to have the best vacation this summer of 2019!


  • Villa 772: available with a special price from 08/06 to 15/06 and from 22/06 to 29/06, and at the normal price from 17/08 to 31/08.
  • Villa 810: available from 08/06 to 22/06 (special price), from 29/06 to 13/07 and from 27/07 to 31/08.
  • Villa 881: available from now until 29/06 (special price), from 02/07 to 31/08.
  • Villa Sa Vorera: available from 12/06 to 27/06 (20% off), from 13/07 to 27/07 and from 03/08 to 31/08.
  • Villa 329: available from 03/07 to 06/07, from 04/08 to 10/08 and from 17/08 to 24/08.
  • Villa 787: available from 12/06 to 21/06 (special price), from 28/07 to 02/08 and from 29/08 to 31/08.
  • Villa 794: available from now until 16/06 (special price), from 07/07 to 14/07 and from 25/08 to 31/08.
  • Villa 909: available from 08/06 to 15/06 (special price) and from 29/06 to 06/07.
  • Villa 930: available from 08/06 to 29/06 (special price) and from 24/08 to 31/08.
  • Villa 812: available from 15/06 to 29/06 (special price), from 06/07 to 20/07, from 27/07 to 03/08 and from 23/08 to 31/08.
  • Villa 818: available from now until 15/06 (special price) and from 29/06 to 06/07.
  • Villa 853: available from now until 15/06 (20% off), from 22/06 to 29/06 (20% off) and from 06/07 to 20/07.
  • villa 854: available from 27/06 to 29/06, from 14/07 to 20/07 and from 10/08 to 25/08.

  • Villa Ari: available from now until 04/08 and from 24/08 to 31/08.

  • Villa Vista: available in June, July and August.
  • Villa Orelio: available in June (5% off until 13/06) and from 23/07 to 31/08.
  • Villa Prestige: still available in June (5% off from 08/06 to 22/06), July and August.

  • Villa Zahra: available in June, July and August.
  • Villa Jacaranda: available in June, July and August.
  • Dar Na: available from 01/06 to 08/06, 11/06 to 02/07 and 07/07 to 31/08.
  • Villa Cyperus: available in June, July and August.

  • Villa Pietra Bianca: available from 13/07 to 20/07, 28/07 to 10/08 and 17/08 to 24/08. 10% off in July and August.