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Lombok, the wild version of Bali

Written on : 28 February 2018
Extraordinary villas in a traditional style

Extraordinary villas in a traditional style

Island to the West of Bali, Lombok has recently opened to tourism and thus keeps an authentic vision of Indonesia. The West is more populated and hosts our villas located in Malimbu Bay near Senggigi and Sira Beach in front of the Gili Islands. Right on the water’s edge, the villas are vast and splendid mansions able to lodge from 4 to 12 people.

The villas are designed in the traditional Sasak style (majority of Lombok people) with a closed area (closed rooms and lounges with large windows) and a more traditional open area (large carved roof reminiscent of the common houses of the villages). The modern, ancestral blend provides exquisite comfort and an impression of living in the beautiful nature of the seaside. The lush gardens are home to these cocoons. The views are constantly swept by the ocean and coconut palms.

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The treasures of Lombok

The treasures of Lombok

The island of Lombok is full of places that are worth their weight in gold. In the centre and North of the island, Mount Rinjani, which rises to 3,726m, offers a magnificent panorama of the national park (a quarter of the island). Hiking, waterfalls, forests and lakes will enhance your discovery of the deep nature of the island. In the neighbourhood, tea, coffee, rice and tobacco cultures are legion. Around Tetebatu, you will have the opportunity to discover the traditional Sasak villages, and you can discover the most beautiful view of the island in Sapit. Between waterfalls, hot springs and lakes, the water is not lacking and allows you to have fun during the ascent of the Rinjani volcano.

East of Lombok is less populated and men draw their wealth from the exploitation of the sea. The fishing villages (especially Labuhanhaji) are striking around the black sand beaches. Many deserted islands made of white sand are accessible by boat.

The South of the very steep island is an ideal place for lovers of water sports. Surfing is very famous especially near Kuta. Diving also offers a remarkable vision of corals (Sepi).

The West of the island protects a treasure: the Gili Islands. Three of them (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air), they offer many leisure activities: cars are prohibited, nature is preserved, the seabed is beautiful with the most beautiful diving facilities on Trawangan Island. You can laze, dive, have fun, swim with sharks, discover intact coral fields and take an adventure with sea turtles. On the main island of Lombok, there is no shortage of activities between Pusuk and its monkey forest, the town of Senggigi and its family beach, and the waterfalls of Tiu Teja.

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Dancing, shopping and memorable moments

Dancing, shopping and memorable moments

The Sasak population is very accessible, you will have the opportunity to share with them their craft (fishing, culture and making of traditional objects) and discover their cultural rites at the Bau Nyale ceremony.

The craft is mainly based on basketry, pottery, spinning tops and Ikat, combining dyeing and weaving to create unique patterns. Sakurara is the weaving exhibition venue of the island where you will learn all the stages of production.

The gastronomy is mainly based on seafood and rice, the dishes are fabulous and inexpensive! You can also discover a cuisine made directly on the beach and tasted in stride, this is called "beachside eat"! It is very popular in Lombok and especially on the West coast near Senggigi. In Lombok the cuisine is a mix between Indonesian, European and Pacific cuisines.

And if you want to go beyond your limits and party all night, it's possible around Senggigi, where many clubs and bars officiate until dawn. Live concerts at Marina Cafe (the most popular venue on the island), disco music at Gossip, renowned DJ at Sahara Club, Karaoke at Club 69, and live music and dancing at Cafe 7.

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