Where to go on holiday in September?

Written on : 10 May 2018

For many, the month of September rhymes with the return and the recovery of the daily life, for others, it is also the opportunity to travel to idyllic destinations far from the summer crowd. But where to go in September? Villanovo offers you this week, 5 ideal destinations to discover off-season!


In September, the sun is always present in Italy and the climate is particularly mild. On the coast or inland, this country offers a range of activities for all types of holidaymakers.

Especially, it is during this period that the Festa di San Gennaro in Naples takes place to celebrate the patron saint of the city that was beheaded or the street festival of Turin in honour of artists from around the world. With a charming lifestyle, Italy is delighted by its medieval towns, mountain peaks, legendary gastronomy and remains of the Roman Empire. The colourful cities of the Cinque Terre, the gondola rides in Venice, the fashion shows in Milan, the ruins of Pompeii, the Colosseum Tower in Rome or even the cradle of the Renaissance in Florence, why not let yourself be tempted by all these wonders?

Leave for a romantic getaway in Tuscany, tour the most beautiful monuments of Rome, bask in the sun on the beaches of Sardinia, discover the white villages perched on the Amalfi Coast... it's up to you! Discover without further delay our selection of luxury villas in Italy!


Indonesia is a destination that offers a whole range of changing landscapes over the seasons. In September, this country of tradition and spirituality is the unique meeting place for snow sports enthusiasts at Kuta Karnival in Kuta where traditional music is played on which the local dance and local specialties are tasted. In particular, it is an opportunity to discover these lands of Asia at the end of the world with breathtaking natural landscapes.

The particularity of Indonesia lies in its volcanoes and rice terraces that shaped its landscape. In the heart of lush mountains in the wild corners of the Moluccas or the deserted beaches of white sand with crystal clear waters of the Gili, it is a journey full of discoveries that awaits you. And, to explore this world is to discover the secrets of the endemic species that are out of the ordinary in the national parks and to immerse oneself in the culture of Hindu temples and colourful markets. Discover the horizon above the clouds from the Mount Rinjani volcano in Lombok, witness traditional dances in Bali, or experience the frenetic pace of sprawling cities like Java. A paradise for divers and ideal for water sports, you will have the pleasure to try snorkelling to admire beautiful coral reefs and discover the secret coves.


After the summer with its crowds of tourists on the beaches so much more heavenly and the streets quickly saturated, why not go to Greece to still enjoy the sun?

The Greek islands continue to attract travellers with their heavenly beaches of white sand and pristine villages. In the air of Italy, the Ionian Islands offer landscapes of wild flowers and white coves with opaline waters, like the Cyclades with the perpetual charm of Santorini or the Dodecanese islands with their pebble beaches. In addition, it is also a land of culture which preserves vestiges of the incredible past. In the mythological city of Athens, the Pantheon and the temple of Athena pay homage to the grandeur of the past and the myths of Apollo and Homer. And, the picturesque villages and wild beauties of Peloponnese and Corfu are an unheard-of charm. Then, Greece is also an appointment for all the sportsmen who will be able to find their happiness among the scuba diving with the loggerhead turtles and the wrecks of the depths, the trekking in the Meteors, the bike in the trails in the heart of olive trees and vineyards or cruises in the Mediterranean. Notably, in September, it's still summer in Rhodes with the festival of arts in the streets of the city.


The Island of Beauty is a fulfilling journey to discover authentic places that are full of character. Going to Corsica in September is to ensure you an ideal stay after the departure of tourists and allow you to travel through this traditional land. Rocked by Corsican songs, venture into the heart of the hinterland by browsing the Haute-Corse to the lofty houses that lead to the bay of St Florent which offers a nice walk at the foot of the Citadel or the desert of Agriates in the middle of the maquis and more in the North on the famous Cap Corse.

Going down to the South, give yourself a stop at Ile Rousse and do not miss the lovely sunsets and the incredible view from the lighthouse. And once in the West, the Gulf of Porto will show you its splendid Scandola nature reserve and the Piana coves in a setting of orange rocks. Your Corsican getaway will end in Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio or Bonifacio with beautiful beaches and old cities.


Paradise beaches, a permanent and colourful animation, exceptional natural treasures, a tradition of intact hospitality... Brazil is undoubtedly a beautiful destination to discover in September. Exoticism and change of scenery will be at the rendezvous with our villa rentals in Rio de Janeiro, in the districts of Copacabana, Leblon or Ipanema. In particular, you will have the opportunity to attend the International Film Festival in Rio with the projection of more than 400 films.

This South American country that everyone would like to discover also hides splendours whose existence is unknown. The inevitable Amazon with its toucans and parrots is not the only wonder. In fact, whether it's the spectacular Iguazu Falls, the colourful Pantanal marsh or even the white desert of the Lençois Maranhenses National Park, these are unusual and breathtaking landscapes. At the pace of samba and Capoeira shows, stroll along the cobbled streets in the heart of striking architecture in the city of Paraty. And, the Rio Negro is home to a special singularity: pink dolphins. Just like the rainforests of Ribeira Valley Tourist State Park near Sao Paulo with its firefox mushrooms and bluish green. In short, Brazil is a country full of surprises!