Discover the spirit of Greece and plunge into the heart of this archetypal historic land. Vestiges of history such as the Acropolis at Athens, the medieval city of Rhodes and the temple of Hera at Samos are all testimony to a mythical past. You will also be seduced by the mosaic of the landscapes between sea and mountain and particularly by the breathtaking beauty of its coastline.

With their typical white houses, blue-domed chapels, little fishing ports and villages perched on hillsides, the islands of the Cyclades Archipelago are a destination that must be visited. From the nightlife of Mykonos to the peaceful charm of Paros, there is something for everyone!

The Mediterranean dream at your fingertips!

Are you looking for a charming pied-à-terre on one of the Greek islands or on the peninsula? The most beautiful luxury villas in Greece await you on Villanovo! Mykonos, Santorin, Corfu and Patmos. These sun-kissed names are just some of the many destinations where our villa rentals in Greece will have you dreaming of views worthy of a picture postcard! Our teams have selected some very beautiful, tastefully decorated properties, ideally positioned and offering you additional services should you require them, such as domestic staff and boat hire. Please contact our advisors. They can answer all your questions about our villas and will know how to find you the ideal home for your holiday!

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Villa Villa Sainz I, Rental in Cyclades - Other islands

Villa Sainz I

Cyclades - Other islands - 4 Bedrooms
Villa Villa Tily, Rental in Cyclades - Mykonos

Villa Tily

Cyclades - Mykonos - 6 Bedrooms
Villa Villa Ari, Rental in Cyclades - Other islands

Villa Ari

Cyclades - Other islands - 7 Bedrooms
Villa Villa Platon, Rental in Cyclades - Other islands

Villa Platon

Cyclades - Other islands - 6 Bedrooms

La Villa de Catherine - Essaouira

04/09/2012 - 18/09/2012

«The atmosphere, the house, the staff, service and the food. The house is spacious with plenty of privacy, intimate rooms, nicely decorated, wonderful pool and terrace, the pool was very suitable for o...»

Villa Silou - Corsica

05/06/2017 - 16/06/2017

«Great Pool for little and tall perfekt bar/Outdoor kitchen the owner very responsive regarding Problems with warm water or technical »

Villa Jasper - Algarve

11/04/2015 - 18/04/2015

«Loved everything - great villa and service Villanovo is great would use it again»

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