Find your inspiration for the New Year

Written on : 04 December 2017

Get ready for your New Year's Eve party!

Every year, it's the same story, you have to organise an evening, take care of the preparations, prepare food... This year, reverse the trend to start the year in style and make the choice to go to a villa of luxury. To help you, we have found 3 different themes for you to spend a festive night that suits you. The best part of Villanovo: many of our properties have house staff so you can feast without having to lift a finger!

Happy New Year and best wishes!

THEME #1: Your evening around the world

Want to discover a new culture and new traditions for your new year? We offer many destinations that will immerse you in the heart of a change of scenery. Palms? White sand? Authentic customs?

Get ready for Thailand or Cambodia, enjoy the local festivities, and enjoy the company of your friends all in the luxurious surroundings of a sumptuous villa.

Sri Lanka is also an ideal destination for discovery and wonder. This distant island with a tumultuous past, now more serene, will seduce you with its many colours: its tea fields stretching over several hectares, its lush forest, its intoxicating spices, its Buddha statues, its hot sand, its generous cuisine...

Our prestigious villas: on the road to a change of scenery

Our houses have all the necessary comfort so that you can go on an adventure in the best possible conditions. Sumptuous pools, relaxing spas but also a team of house staff, discreet and welcoming. Discover a new world to start the year in style. You will even find villas with traditional architecture!

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>>> Our luxury villas in Sri Lanka

THEME #2: A romantic getaway

You may also prefer to spend your New Year's Eve with your other half. In this case, our villa experts will undoubtedly advise you to fly to destinations such as Bali and the Seychelles. Imagine the scenery: white sand beaches, paradisiacal lagoons, a divine setting...what more can you ask for? Pack your suitcase and go on a romantic getaway to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

One of the destinations that will allow you to enjoy a relaxing environment and a peaceful retreat is Mauritius. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the beach, play golf and savour exquisite cuisine. Flee the cold of January and relax under the sun of Mauritius, the ideal destination for a warm winter.

Our luxury villas: love and seashells

Our prestigious houses are ideal for romantic stays. Find yourself or a family in one of our homes in a paradise destination enjoying all the comfort you want. A team of staff will be at your service, ready to satisfy all your desires. Houses tastefully decorated, with a warm atmosphere. Of modern or rather traditional influence, you will inevitably find the property of your dreams!

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THEME #3: Buddies First

If you want to enjoy Christmas Eve with your friends, Villanovo can take care of finding you the perfect destination! If you want a warm atmosphere to enjoy the winter and the snow to celebrate your reunion, then head to the Northern Alps to stay comfortably in an ultra-modern chalet with a hammam at your disposal. If you want more warmth and traditions we recommend the destination of Marrakech where you can enjoy the best golf courses but also the most beautiful traditional riads. Find yourself with friends in an incredible destination to celebrate the new year together! A moment that you will never forget!

Our luxury villas: In the snow or in the desert?

Discover our selection of properties for an unforgettable holiday with friends. In the snow in the heart of the Alps or in the dunes of Marrakech, you will have a superb trip in a dream destination, in the comfort of a luxury villa or a comfortable chalet.

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