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Top 10 beautiful riads in Morocco

Written on : 14 September 2017

10 riads to discover in Morocco

This country in Africa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The name of this country resonates with images of sublime palaces, lush gardens, warm sunshine, lively souks but mostly paradisiacal holidays.

So why not not live the unique experience of staying in Morocco in an authentic riad?
Villanovo have created for you a list of our top 10 most beautiful riads in the heart of Morocco, some of them are exclusive to Villanovo!

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What is a riad?

A riad means "garden" in Arabic. Thus, it is a typical feature of the houses which were originally in the Medinas, the historical centres of Morocco. The characteristics of these traditional houses are well recognisable and offer special advantages.

These include a patio that offers an ideal privacy, a roof terrace which allows you to admire the view of the surroundings, but also many balconies that make riads very pleasant and very appreciated.

1. Dar Sabaah - Essaouira

1. Dar Sabaah - Essaouira

It is a traditional and historic house, which represents the authentic charm of the Moroccan homes, although with the advantages of contemporary comfort. You will find in the heart of the riad a sublime garden with palm trees and bougainvillea that bring a touch of bright colours for an even more welcoming atmosphere.

You will be able to benefit from the services of the house staff, in the kitchen with a chef but also the cleaning of the house. Thus, you will have only to recharge your batteries at the pool in this calm and peaceful environment.

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2. Dar Assoura - Marrakech

2. Dar Assoura - Marrakech

This riad that can accommodate 11 people is perfect for those who wish to meet with family or friends to discover Marrakech. Exclusively for Villanovo, this traditional house always seduces the hearts of holidaymakers who come to enjoy a stay between these warm walls. It opens on a raised patio, in the middle of which is a basin of refreshment. A traditional B'hou, dug in front of the pool, will allow you to rest in the cool and in the shade.

If you want to enjoy a meal on the terrace you can admire the beauty of the Atlas Mountains. By staying in this authentic riad you can enjoy a full board stay thanks to the services of the house staff. An excellent personal chef can prepare typical Moroccan dishes, fresh juices, and any dishes of your choice on request.

In the heart of the Medina, you will be close to the main activities of Marrakech like the Ben Youssef mosque or the Jemaa el Fna square.

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3. Riad Idoine - Marrakech

3. Riad Idoine - Marrakech

This beautiful riad of 5 rooms is ideally located in the heart of the Medina of Marrakech in the district of Sidi Ben Slimane. The riad can accommodate 12 people. Elegance and luxury are the keywords of this Moroccan house, skilfully blended with the traditional Moroccan style.

With its private hammam, you can enjoy a stay under the sign of well-being, especially since you can book massages and beauty treatments in advance.

One of the best features of Riad Idoine: it is possible to organise special events like birthdays.

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4. Riad Isla - Marrakech

4. Riad Isla - Marrakech

This riad is a hidden gem of Marrakech. With its incredible capacity, it is THE riad that must be rented for big occasions because it can accommodate no less than 41 people. Ideal for events such as birthdays or weddings, this traditional house in the Medina always attracts thanks to its clean lines and chic colours.

It is very well located in the picturesque area of ​​Sidi Ben Slimane, a 10-minute walk from the main attractions: the Marrakech Museum, Ben Youssef Medersa, Jaama el Fna Square. The souks are even closer.

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5. Riad Hizad - Medina, Marrakech

5. Riad Hizad - Medina, Marrakech

For an unforgettable stay in Marrakech, this is the house you need! In the heart of the Medina, this riad mixes contemporary and traditional all in a welcoming atmosphere. With all the necessary comfort, it is impossible not to appreciate a stay in this traditional house.

All the rooms are articulated around the sublime patio in white marble, an undeniable chic touch! All the suites are decorated with different styles so that each of the guests can choose the style they like.

For evenings that are cooler, a large chimney is at your disposal. What could be more magical than enjoying an evening with friends or family by the fire?

There is also a hammam so you can relax whenever you want.

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6. Villa Blac Bleue - Essaouira

6. Villa Blac Bleue - Essaouira

This riad dates from the 18th century. Come and feel the historical waves of this luminous house that mixes Italian and traditional influences. In the heart of the Medina and near the souks, Villa Blanc Bleue has an ideal location. You will be able to relax in the hollow of its sublime patio, while being close to the main animations of Essaouira.

With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, you can accommodate up to 15 people in this prestigious house, as well as being with family or friends, everyone can be together and enjoy an unforgettable stay.

You will also have house staff available so that you can enjoy your stay without worrying about the rest.

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7. Riad Zaouia 44 - Marrakech

7. Riad Zaouia 44 - Marrakech

It is a majestic house decorated with great taste and elegance, without forgetting the traditional Moroccan style. All rooms are decorated in a contemporary theme.

You can enjoy the sublime heated swimming pool, but also the wonderful terrace which gives you a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains. What better way to meet with family or friends in Marrakech?

The photos speak for themselves, as this riad is beautiful and luxurious, so do not hesitate any more and contact us if you want more information.

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8. Riad Hessein - Medina, Taroudant

8. Riad Hessein - Medina, Taroudant

Accommodating up to 7 people, this riad in Taroudant is a charming haven of peace. With its colours and warm decoration, you can relax around the heated pool. Children will appreciate the architecture of this typical house. Riad Hessein is an ideal destination for families who wish to enjoy a pleasant holiday in Morocco.

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9. Dar Etoile - Essaouira

9. Dar Etoile - Essaouira

This traditional family house is part of a group of 6 charming buildings in Sidi Kaouki, a village not far from Essaouira.

Close to the most beautiful sandy beaches, you can enjoy sublime views of the surroundings and especially the magnificent mountain that stands in front of you. Do not hesitate to consult our guides on Essaouira in order to know the best way to spend your days whether it is relaxation or sightseeing.

Dar Etoile is definitely an ideal destination for couples on a honeymoon or for families with 2 children.

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10. Riad Assilah - Medina, Assilah

10. Riad Assilah - Medina, Assilah

With its traditional hammam, this luxurious riad is located in the fortified town of Assilah, in the pedestrianised area. The best part of this house: it is located in front of the sea, so you can enjoy a sublime view throughout your stay and especially in the evening with a brilliant sunset.

You will find in the central courtyard a fountain, the perfect backdrop for relaxing, away from prying eyes. The interior decoration reflects the Moroccan tradition so that you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture during your stay when nside this cozy home.

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