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Weather and climate in Comporta

Not far from Lisbon, Comporta enjoys an ideal weather whether it is to visit the city or lounge on one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. If you ask yourself "when to go to Comporta and what to take in my suitcase?" Villanovo have the answers for you.

Weather and climate in Comporta - Comporta

Weather in Comporta

Summer in Comporta is quite warm. Sometimes as early as May, the temperature can climb easily to 25°C, which is very nice to visit the city. During the season from July to August, it is often very hot in this part of Portugal, and it rains very little!
During the winter the temperature is fairly mild, as it fluctuates between 13°C and 15°C during the months of December and February. You can enjoy the view of the beach however without being able to bathe. This time of year is known to be rainier than the rest of the year, with an average of 10 to 15 days of rain per month.

When to go?

Villanovo advise you to visit around the months of May to June or September to October if you wish to make a trip to Lisbon during your stay while avoiding the tourist crowds.
To enjoy the beaches, the ideal period is of course from July to August when the temperature climbs to 39°C.

What to pack in my suitcase?

To fully enjoy your stay in Comporta we advise you to take your best bathing suit and plenty of suncream. If you want to enjoy a refreshing swim but you prefer privacy, do not worry: all our villas in Comporta have a private pool. Do not forget to take suncream to avoid sunburn.
If you visit Comporta during the fall or winter, consider taking warm clothes for evenings that are usually cooler or even an umbrella because it rains regularly during the months of January and February.

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