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What kind of things to do in Thailand? Activity Guide

Thailand is a magic word that evokes escapism and off-the-beaten track landscapes, a fascinating millennial culture, a population where hospitality is a lingering tradition and where exotic scents and colours make it the pearl of the Southeast. Discover activities not to be missed in this beautiful country.

What kind of things to do in Thailand? Activity Guide - Thailand

Water Sports

Thailand is an ideal destination for scuba diving. Its crystal clear and surprisingly warm waters abound with unique natural treasures. A few metres deep, you will dive into a world populated by rich fauna, where butterflyfish, manta rays, dolphins and clownfish come together. Mountains of corals of unusual purity are home to thousands of small fish and crustaceans, some of which are still unknown. Scuba diving on the Andaman coast, Ang Thong Park, Surin or the Similan Archipelago.
Other water sports activities include fishing, especially in Pattaya, where barracuda, red snapper and grouper delight its most enthusiastic followers. There is also kitesurfing and windsurfing, lulled by the pleasant wind of Phuket, or even parasailing to admire the fine sandy beaches bordering a turquoise sea.

Visiting the Buddhist Temples

Whatever your destination in Thailand, visiting the temples is a must. In Bangkok, head for the Wat Pho temple, home to the largest lying Buddha in the country, then continue your walk along the Chao Praya River where the temple of Wat Arun is located. Wat Benchamat Bophit, the newest of the royal temples, is also an inevitable trip because of its majestic architecture in Carrara marble and its immense gardens. Under its central statue, called Pha Buddha Chinaraj, lie the ashes of King Rama V. The temple of Wat Rong Khun is undoubtedly the most atypical of the country. Located in Chiang Rai, it is entirely white with small mirrors fixed on its walls. The flickering light of these temples at night offers a spectacle worthy of the deities to which they are dedicated.

Visiting the Buddhist Temples - Thailand

Thai Massage

Do not miss a session (or even more) of a traditional Thai massage, a secular art deeply rooted in the culture of the country. Thanks to a technique condensing the kneading of the muscles, the digitopuncture and the stretching of the joints, you will spend a moment of pure happiness and regain all your vitality.
You can also take advantage of your stay to learn Thai massage with the monks of the temple of Wat Pho, the country's reference massage school.

Discover the Floating Markets

The floating markets reveal Thailand in all its folklore and originality. They are coloured canoes, loaded with sweets, fish, crustaceans, meats, exotic fruits and vegetables, stretching gently on a maze of canals. The most famous are those of Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa and Bang Ku Wiang.
Thanks to the floating markets, Bangkok has long been nicknamed the "Venice of Asia". Onboard a boat, you can meet them and be tempted by the tasting of some Thai dishes.

Discover the Floating Markets - Thailand

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