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Gastronomy in Thailand

Thai cuisine is described by many names. Nevertheless, many affirm that it remains the mother of all the kitchens of the world and especially of Asia. Conceived and improved for centuries, the Thai cuisine is in fact accompanied by different flavours, found in the four corners of the world. A subtle blend of flavours that has allowed Thai gastronomy to gain fame.

Gastronomy in Thailand - Thailand

A little history

Before tackling the stove, a brief overview of the past is necessary. Thai cuisine is indeed part of the history of this state of Southeast Asia. In the days of kings, the kitchen included distinct dishes. The people of the court reserved the royal kitchen, while the people contented themselves with the cooking of the street. In addition, Thai people never used spoons or forks at every meal.
Since Thailand opened its doors to travellers, visitors and holidaymakers from around the world, customs have gradually evolved. Hotels and restaurants eat with utensils and the "royal kitchen" becomes accessible to all. It is thus in an explosion of flavour that the Thai gastronomy opens up to the world.

The peculiarity of Thai gastronomy

What makes the originality of the Thai gastronomy partly remains in the ingredients that compose it. With its fertile land and close proximity to seas and oceans, Thailand can afford to add all kinds of fresh produce from the sea and land to its dishes and desserts. Vegetables, fruit trees, aromatic plants, etc...everything is cultivated in Thailand! Thus, over the centuries, Thai ancestors have managed to create about 5,000 recipes that today are making an enormous difference.
Among the dishes that can not be missed are the Thai pad, a national dish to be enjoyed without hesitation. Made with sautéed rice noodles, shrimps, eggs and peanuts, lightly raised with fish sauce and lime, the Thai pad gets unanimous admiration from pasta lovers. Apart from this national dish, there are other dishes just as delicious to taste. Especially since every region of the country does not present a uniform kitchen. So, to the north, you will be tempted to taste kaoh soi, a soup of noodles raised in curry, while to the south, there is a good dish of fish curry waiting for you. Do not forget to take a little detour to the north-east of the country, famous for its spicy papaya salad called Som tam.

The peculiarity of Thai gastronomy - Thailand

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