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Culture and Tradition in Thailand

Travelling to Thailand is an opportunity to literally escape to live life-changing adventures and to experience life in a different way. Its sumptuous scenery generates a large part of this feeling of escape. Nevertheless, the daily life of the Thais will surprise you just as much. Spend an unforgettable holiday by immersing yourself in the mesmerising culture of the country.

Culture and Tradition in Thailand - Thailand

Respecting Customs

The Thais make a point of honour to each other, to their religion and to the royal family. All of these ways of being and living, in general, will seem very different from the way of life you know. Also, it is important to take these differences into account in order to be in osmosis with the traditions of the country visited.
To greet your Thai guests, think of bringing your hands together, bring them to your chest and tilt your head. This gesture, also used to thank and bid farewell, is called "wai". When you visit the temples or are invited to the homes of Thai people, be sure to always take off your shoes. It is customary, indeed, to remove one's shoes when entering a house.
In Thailand, the monarchy also seems to be deeply honoured. The national anthem rings twice during the day. In listening to this one, it is customary to cease all activity to rise in silence. In the same way, monks and places of worship are the object of this profound consideration. The locals often bring them an offering that they usually lay on the floor.

Colourful Gathering Parties

In addition to these customs demonstrating the importance of respect in Thai society, some traditional festivals also unite the inhabitants of Thailand. This is the case of the Thai New Year when the population cleans Buddhas and then discharges water into the street. Sometimes they water the hands of the elders with scented water. Nowadays, this festival has taken such an important place so much so that the Thais use barrels or water pistols. This creates a more joyful atmosphere!
In November, another equally exotic party gives rise to a spectacle of fantastic colours. This festival is none other than the "Loy Krathong", representing a symbolic moment when the Thais get rid of worries and their sadness. During the ceremony, the latter put flowers, incense and candles on a raft surrounded by banana leaves. Once decorated, the raft drifts on the waters and relieves the inhabitants of any negativity.

Colourful Gathering Parties - Thailand

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