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Getaway in île de Ré

Written on : 04 September 2018
By : Jeanne Ulhaq
Getaway in île de Ré

What do you know about the famous Ile de Ré? Located in the bay of Biscay, off the Aunisian coasts, it is the 4th largest island in France. Coveted for its beaches, its natural spaces and its history, Villanovo invites you to discover the activities of this little corner of paradise perfect for a family stay.

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Water-based activities

How to talk about the must-see of the island without exploring all possibilities to enjoy the sea? If it will be possible to dive, know that plenty of other water-based activities are available on the island. Without being a professional, why not have slow boat trips with family, and maybe fish with your kids? Whether you decide to rent your own boat or that you choose to have a tour with surrounded professionals, everything is possible to enjoy the fresh air of the island! And, for the athletes, activities such as stand-up paddle, which consists of rowing standing up on a board, windsurfing and water ski can be learned thanks to classes for all ages and levels. You only need to choose!



The beaches

More comfortable on Earth than in water? You may want to simply enjoy the plentiful beaches of the island, and maybe even admire your loved ones trying the water sports. If you go with young children, know that the “beach of children”, as it names shows, will make their happiness. With diverse activities including stimulative play from 3 years old and all types of team games for their elders, you have the guaranty of a successful family trip! This beach is however only opened from July to August, but no worries: you will be able to enjoy your family moments on different beaches such as Montamer. Walks, farniente, kite and restaurants of local specialties, everybody will be pleased!

Bike rides

However, if you prefer green and herbaceous nature, a bike ride in the wild moors, the salt marshes or the hood will perfectly suit you. With more than 110 km of bicycle path, the island is perfect to pedal and is even reachable by the ones who don’t like sport. The path is indeed flat and promise nice views on the surrounding nature, to have a restful moment while admiring the landscapes.


Hiking enthusiasts? Then you’re in the right place! With paths of various itineraries for both beginners or professionals, ile de Ré is the perfect place to enjoy the pedestrian hikes. In the forest in the north and in the south of the island, do not miss this breath of fresh air to share with your family!

Horse rides

If you probably know the famous donkeys with pants, know that horse trekking is part of the star activity of the island. For both kids and adults, benefit from this seaside trip to try horse riding! Surrounded by professionals, these rides will enable you to enjoy the natural landscapes and spend time with our dear animal friends. If the kids will probably not be the ones to convinced, will you let yourself be tempted?


To visit

The bell tower of  Saint-Martin

You got it, the place has many natural spaces to escape in full nature. But, culture lovers will glad to learn that the potential of the island does not end here: It is also a true treasure for History buffs thanks to its several picturesque villages, in particular the one of Saint-Martin-De-Ré. Among the most famous sites, the bell tower comes first. Destroyed two times during the 16th and the 17th century, the church of the village, in the heights, offers a panoramic view on the island. Indeed, from the top of these 117 steps, you will appreciate the beauty of the walled city in a heavenly environment, especially at sunset time. Note that the city’s fortifications are listed among the Unesco world’s heritage, which attests its importance.

The museum Ernest Cognacq

To discover more about the history of the island, it is to museum Ernest Cognacq that you should head to! Through archeological furnitures, decorative arts, art collections and history, the museum owns a lot of masterpiece and testify of the cultural heritage as well as the economic growth of the village… An essential activity to understand the destination, and the promise to culturally enrich yourself even during holidays.

Thalasso and well-being

Thalasso and well-being

At last, for the greatest pleasure of the ones who like to take care of themselves, Ile de Ré is an expert in regards of body care. Thanks to a fresh air and an invigorating climate, the island has many thermes and Thalasso or Balneo areas. What is the difference? While Thalassotherapy uses natural substances from the marine depths such as algues or sea waters, balneotherapy works with freshwater and often comes with essential oils. Whether you prefer the first for its natural aspect or the second one for its cocooning spirit, the centers are not missing on the island! Thus, you will enjoy your stay there thanks to different body care which hold the promise to relax you and make you spend an actual restful vacation. You can also make the choice of a villa with a pool or a spa, in order to enjoy this pleasure without having to go out of your cozy nest.

(Photo : Villa Prélude)