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Maldives vs Mauritius: Which one to choose for a family holiday?

Written on : 15 January 2024
By : Léa Frémiot
Maldives vs Mauritius: Which one to choose for a family holiday?

Are you planning a family trip and you're tempted by these two destinations? Indeed, it can be difficult to choose between these two destinations with their many similarities in appearances, such as their white sand, their turquoise waters or their ideal climate. If these two places seem equally heavenly to you, let us show you the particularities of these islands and the destination which seems to us the most optimal according to your expectations for a stay surrounded by your family and possibly children.  
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Famous for being a honeymoon destination par excellence, the Maldives offers a beautiful environment and the ideal time to visit is between December and March. Composed of several small islands off the coast of India, North Male is the most famous of them and the capital is located on Ari Atoll, which is home to charming little colourful houses and colourful local markets. Maldivians are known for their kindness and warm welcome, if you visit the capital you will have the opportunity to mingle with the islanders who will gladly show you their culture and traditions.  If you are looking for lazing around and relaxing in the sun, this is the ideal destination. Indeed, it is the main activity that will be proposed to you. The island's many paradisiacal beaches and shallow waters are perfect for relaxing days under the palm trees with the children. 

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However, if you prefer sightseeing over relaxation, Maldives may not be the best option. This is because access to different sites is very restricted and if you want to make many excursions you may feel a little limited. This is particularly the case in fishing villages, where you usually need permission to visit. Religious monuments such as mosques are also not easily accessible and may require a local guide.
On the other hand, if you are passionate about water activities, the Maldives will be your paradise. The seabed is exceptionally rich and there is an abundance of plant and animal life. It is the ideal place for boat trips or to learn to scuba dive and discover unique coloured corals, turtles, clownfish and sharks. Many spots are easily accessible and you will be able to visit an old wreck or discover the channels which are points where the lagoons mix with the Indian Ocean. 

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So if you enjoy relaxing on the postcard beaches as well as underwater discoveries, possible if your children are not young, the Maldives will be your favourite place although it is a destination more appreciated by couples.
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Like the Maldives, Mauritius has breathtaking natural resources. Whether it is its dream beaches, waterfalls or the diversity of its fauna and flora, Mauritius will never cease to surprise you. At Villanovo, we advise you to go there between September and November, a period when the climate is ideal and when there are fewer tourists.  This island will also offer you moments of relaxation like you have never experienced before thanks to its numerous beaches or by the pool in your luxury villa. The islanders are also known to be very welcoming and to enjoy talking to tourists about their way of life in Mauritius. In some of the island's markets, such as the Goodlands market which offers all the necessary ingredients for Mauritian gastronomy, you will be able to meet the locals who come to shop there and who are generally delighted to spend a little time talking about their culture. 

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The variety of activities available in Mauritius makes this destination an ideal place for a family holiday. Indeed, every year thousands of families come to visit the island of beauty to recharge their batteries but also for sightseeing. The advantage of Mauritius compared to the Maldives lies mainly in the fact that visits are easier and much more frequent. It is, of course, possible to visit the Maldives but in a more limited way. Mauritius offers a lot of sites which are free and accessible to children. You will find for example the site of Chamarel with its land of 7 colours, the sumptuous Hindu temples or the magnificent Labourdonnais domain for excursions that will delight both the young and old. 
Sporting activities are also very developed on the island, whether on land or on water. You will also have the opportunity to try your hand at kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Many diving spots exist but Mauritius is less famous for scuba diving than the Maldives. So, for a family holiday with many sightseeing possibilities, at Villanovo we will direct you more towards Mauritius. All you have to do is choose your favourite destination according to your criteria for an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones!
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