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Luxury villa rental in Ketewel

Peace and quiet in Bali

Looking for a destination for quiet and peaceful holidays? What's better than a villa rental in the East of Ketewel? Located on the Eastern coast of Bali, Indonesia, this charming village will stun visitors with the beauty of its landscape and the tourist attractions in its surroundings.


Number of rooms

  1. 3+
  2. 4+
  3. 5+
  4. 6+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Children welcome
  3. Tennis
  4. Direct access to the beach
  5. House staff
  6. Direct sea access
  7. Spa
  8. Jacuzzi
  9. Private swimming pool
  10. Private parking space
  11. Beach in Ten
  12. Playroom - Game room
  13. Party and Wedding
  14. Fitness room
  15. Cinema lounge
8 Villa Villas
3 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms - 6 maxBali - East - Ketewel
3 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms - 6 maxBali - East - Ketewel
3 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms - 6 maxBali - East - Ketewel
4 Bedrooms - 4 Bathrooms - 8 maxBali - East - Ketewel
4 Bedrooms - 5 Bathrooms - 10 maxBali - East - Ketewel
5 Bedrooms - 5 Bathrooms - 10 maxBali - East - Ketewel
6 Bedrooms - 7 Bathrooms - 14 maxBali - East - Ketewel
6 Bedrooms - 6 Bathrooms - 12 maxBali - East - Ketewel

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Small pearl of Bali

For your holiday plans on the island of Bali, opt for a villa rental in the East of Ketewel. This option will allow you to discover the riches of Eastern and Southeastern Bali. You will enjoy one of the best surf spots on the island at Keramas Beach, but you can also explore the Bali Safari & Marine Park. The latter will give you the opportunity to observe countless species of animals (lions, tigers, leopards, zebras...) and enjoy a small ride on the back of an elephant. In addition to animal watching, the sight also features a water park with a relaxation area, a swimming pool, slides and many other fun attractions.

Also when in Ketewel be sure to visit Ubud. Considered to be the cultural capital of Bali, Ubud will amaze you with its magnificent monuments, beautiful art galleries and will give you the opportunity to witness surprising cultural events. During your stay, you can also enjoy a few Balinese culinary specialities, including the famous Urab, a dish made with coconut and vegetables flavoured with spices and peppers or the Ayam betutu, a delicious grilled stuffed chicken accompanied by vegetables.