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10 things to do in Corsica

Lighthouse destination in the Mediterranean, the island of Beauty subtly mixes French culture and Italian tradition. Here are 10 activities that will make your stay in Corsica simply unforgettable.

10 things to do in Corsica - Corsica

9. Attend a concert of Corsican polyphonies and songs

It is in a place full of history that we recommend you to attend a concert of Corsican polyphonies. Bands such as Arapà, Barbara Furtuna, I Campagnoli, Musivoce, or Ucchjata will make you appreciate a magical experience through their music.

It is a true moment of culture that you can share with family or friends, to experience the authentic traditions of Corsica.

8. Contemplate the calanques of Piana

On the West coast, calanques, with the unusual forms of the commune of Piana form an exceptional decoration that one would think is straight out of a fantastic film. Do not forget your camera to capture the blue water contrast the flamboyant orange of the rocks and ridges that stand facing you.

Incredible anecdote about this place: it would be the devil himslef who would have fashioned the creeks to punish a shepherdess who refused him. He would then have transformed the woman into a statue so that she would not belong to anyone else. However, still crazy with rage, he would have set fire to the rocks... thus explaining their flamboyant colour which is all the more lively during a sunset.

8. Contemplate the calanques of Piana - Corsica

7. Explore the Scandola Nature Reserve

The Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, remains a must. It invites you to discover its remarkable biodiversity spread over nearly 1,670 hectares.

It is undoubtedly part of one of the most beautiful natural sites of the island, so the atmosphere that emerges here is magical. Located in the heart of the Golfe of Porto, the natural park offers exceptional views with turquoise waters, small caves, but also rich and luxuriant vegetation.

6. Taste Corsican gastronomic specialties

The island of Beauty is also a land of authentic flavours. Cheeses such as bastilicacciu, calinzanincu and sartinesu are examples of products that do not stop feasting fine gourmets, as well as typical salads that represent the coppa, lonzi and figatelli, among others.

For more information on Corsican gastronomy, do not hesitate to consult our guide

6. Taste Corsican gastronomic specialties - Corsica

5. Discover the prehistoric site of Filitosa

In the valley of the Taravo, the incredible prehistoric site of Filitosa will take you to a period between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age, where civilisations were only at their beginnings.

History lovers will therefore be delighted with their visit to this park where you will see the ruins of the period buildings. A true return to the past!

4. Have a wonderful time lazing on a beach in the Bay of Rondinara

At 18km from Bonifacio, on a small gulf in the shape of a scallop shell, the beach of Rondinara is a swimming paradise where you can spend wonderful moments with your loved ones.

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, so do not hesitate to go there to enjoy a day of relaxation with family or friends. As the slope is gentle, and the water rarely rough, it is an ideal beach for young children.

Small tip: the area near the parking lot is very crowded, so head instead towards the tip of Rondinara where you will find small pleasant coves.

4. Have a wonderful time lazing on a beach in the Bay of Rondinara - Corsica

3. Embark on a sailing cruise in the Gulf of Valinco

Starting from the port city of Propriano, a small yacht excursion in the Gulf of Valinco will offer an incomparable pleasure to lovers of the sea.

Thus, the most common route is the one that connects the Capo di Muro to the Pointe de Campo Moro. If you are lucky, you may even get the chance to do some snorkelling in the turquoise waters of Corsica! An unforgettable moment guarantees the depths are sublime.

2. Visit the impressive Genoese citadel of Porto-Vecchio

During your exploration of the Freto region, do not forget your rendezvous with the Genoese fortress of Porto-Vecchio. In addition to being a journey into the past, this citadel also offers a sumptuous panorama of the marina and the salt marshes.

It was on this enormous rock that the Genoese built a fortress in 1539 to bring out the export of the commodities of the city. Between 1540 and 1589, the building was destroyed and rebuilt. 

2. Visit the impressive Genoese citadel of Porto-Vecchio - Corsica

1. Stroll through the medieval streets of Sartène

In Southern Corsica, the capital of La Rocca remains a magnificent medieval city where it is pleasant to stroll. Its tower, dating from the sixteenth century, remains the symbol of this fascinating city. It is often said that it is the guardian of the insular soul of Corsica.

It is one of the largest communes in France so it is impossivle to get bored in this city with authentic charm. As you walk through the streets of Santa Anna, you will make a real return to the past and the history of the island so you can soak up the culture and atmosphere of Corsica. Explore the granite houses and narrow streets where you will find many shops and typical restaurants.

You can also pass by Place de la Libération, the heart of the city, where you can admire the town hall which is located in an old Genoese palace, testimony to the Genoese occupation of the Island of Beauty.

10. Admiring the museum of the house Bonaparte in Ajaccio

It is impossible to leave Corsica without having been able to visit the house which saw the birth of one of the greatest emperors in Europe. Located in Ajaccio, this museum will enchant history lovers.

Relive the first steps of the country's most emblematic figures. The emperor's birthplace houses a museum devoted to his youth and his family.

10. Admiring the museum of the house Bonaparte in Ajaccio - Corsica

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