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Corsica - How to get there

Planning your stay on the island of Beauty? Do not forget to think about the best options to get there. Villanovo have collected some information for you so that you can choose the best option for your means of transport.

By plane? on a boat? at what price? We have answered all of these questions for you.

Corsica - How to get there - Corsica

From France by boat

This is the simplest and sometimes least expensive option depending on the time you want to go to the island. Firstly you can either fly to France direct from the United Kingdom or you can drive via the Eurostar.

You can therefore choose to make the day crossing from the ports of Marseille, Toulon, or Nice. The crossing time varies between 4 and 10 hours depending on your starting point and arrival.

Many companies propose to make this journey from France, the 3 main ones are: Corsica Linea, Corsica Ferries and Moby Lines.
You can even bring your own car to Corsica, which will facilitate your travels.

Allow about 200 - 250 € for a crossing with a car.

From the UK

From the United Kingdom, there are direct flights to the airports in Corsica. Easyjet and Flybe are just two of the airlines offering flights from the United Kingdom to the island. Return economy flights from London to Corsica start from around £85, but do depend on the airline and the season. A flight takes around 5 hours from the UK.

From the USA

From the United States of America, there are no direct flights to Corsica, all destinations have at least 1 stop where you will have to catch a connecting flight. Air France and Lufthansa offer flights. Prices start from around $831 depending on which airline you fly with, the city you fly from and the time of year. From the USA a flight to Corsica takes around 11 hours.

From Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

There are no direct flights from Australia, New Zealand or South Africa to Corsica. Air France and Qantas operate flights to here. Flights from Australia cost between AUS$1,594 and AUS$2,121. Flights from New Zealand cost around NZ$2,891. Prices depend on the season, airline and departure city. From Australia a flight to Corsica takes just under 29 hours. From New Zealand expect a flight time of 33 hours.

If you intend to travel from South Africa you will have to get a connecting flight as there are no direct routes. Airlines such as Air France and Lufthansa offer flights from the country. Flights from South Africa cost between ZAR12,098 and ZAR17,917 depending on the time of year. A flight to Corsica takes around 18 hours.

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