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Natural Spaces in Corsica

Although Corsica is renowned for its beaches, you will find in the hinterland many natural spaces to admire another facet of Corsica. Off the beaten track, discover a wilder Corsica with deserted corners away from any civilisation.

An unique experience that you will not forget, in order to get away from the beaches that are sometimes very busy.

Natural Spaces in Corsica - Corsica

Calanques de Piana

An incredible view awaits you if you visit the fabulous calanques of Piana. Classified as Unesco World Heritage since 1983, they represent the authentic beauty of Corsica, with their peaks, proudly planted amidst the sparkling water of the Mediterranean.

Located in the Gulf of Porto, this landscape is worthy of the most beautiful postcards: the blue of the water contrasts with the orange tree rocks - so unusual. Have fun guessing the shapes of all the rocks and marvel at the beauty of the place.

Incredible anecdote on this magical place: it would be the devil himself who would have fashioned the creeks to punish a shepherdess who refused him. He would then have transformed the woman into a statue so that she would not belong to anyone else. However, still crazy with rage, he would have set fire to the rocks... thus explaining their flamboyant colour which is all the more lively during a sunset.

Lake Nino

It is one of the biggest lakes of Corsica in the Rotondo massif, famous for the beauty of its pozzines, a true oasis of the Corsican mountains.

These are holes dug naturally in the soil, filled over time with water. If you are lucky, you will certainly see cows, horses or wild pigs come to drink in the natural wells.

You can hike to get there, but part of the way remains a bit complicated, which does not make it particularly ideal for a family. Starting from the forest house of Poppaghia, the hike lasts four and a half hours, both there and back.

Always an anecdote connected with the devil: the legend tells that the pozzines were the gateways for the hells borrowed by the devil.

Purcaraccia Waterfalls

The landscape is breathtaking: beautiful pools where you can enjoy the emerald green water to bathe.

You will be able to go there thanks to a hike which will allow you to discover the natural beauty of the Corsican hinterland.

It is a privileged place for lovers of canyoning and hiking. With family or friends, you can have fun in natural slides and waterfalls!

The hike takes about 2 hours, if you take your time. The start is at the first major turn, after the Bocca di Larone pass. Don’t forget your trainers!

Agriates Desert

Agriate means "farmer" in Corsica. Thus, in the old days, the farmers came to feed their flocks. In the heart of the maquis, this microregion offers a lot of exceptional views, whether it is a hiking trail or sublime and almost deserted beaches, because the region has no less than 40km of coastline.

One thing is certain: nature is queen in the desert of the Agriates, so do not hesitate to explore the different paradisiacal beaches following the charming Douaniers trail.

Lavezzi Islands

Located in Southern Corsica, this group of islands is a few kilometres from Bonifacio. It is a breathtaking landscape, housed in a sublime nature reserve.

You will find many companies that will offer you a boat trip to admire these sublime islands, and spend the day there for a pleasant time with family or friends.

Do not hesitate to walk between the islets and to capture these unique and exceptional moments.

Scandola Nature Reserve

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural sites of Corsica. Indeed, a visit to the natural park of Scandola ensures you an unparalleled moment of wonder.

It is a jewel preserved preciously as it emerges a magical atmosphere. The park is located in the heart of the Golfe de Porto, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983.

You can board boats to discover the wonders of nature in the park, such as small caves, turquoise waters, rich and luxuriant vegetation.

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