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Weather and climate in Corsica

To make the most of your stay in your dream villa in Corsica, it is important to know when to go to the Island of Beauty in order to take advantage of the weather and the typically Mediterranean climate.

Thus, Villanovo answered the questions that you ask yourself on this subject like: what is the weather like in Corsica? When is the best time to go? and especially what to pack in your suitcase.

Weather and climate in Corsica - Corsica

The Seasons

The Corsican climate is characterised by warm summers and rather mild winters. Indeed, because of its geographical position, Corsica benefits from a Mediterranean climate all year round.
However, you may encounter some windy areas due to the high reliefs present on some parts of the Island of Beauty. It should be known that it is generally warmer in Ajaccio and its surroundings than in Bastia.
In general, you must pay attention to the winds in Corsica because the island is particularly exposed to winds of land or sea.

Summer in Corsica:
The average maximum temperatures are 30°C throughout the island, so you can enjoy relatively warm water, which makes swimming much more pleasant. It rains very little during the summer, namely the period from June to September.

Winter in Corsica:
Generally temperatures are cooler in the Northern part of the Island. With minimum temperatures approaching 2°C during the period from December to February. In the Southern region, you will gain a few degrees during the winter period because the lowest temperature is 5°C. Although the winter is relatively mild, the air is damp.

When to go to Corsica?

The period of your stay depends on what you are looking for in this sublime and radiant island. If you wish to enjoy the beaches and the Corsican sun, we advise you to visit the island during the summer period from June to September.
However, beaches are not the only treasures present in Corsica, you will also find natural spaces to see a more wild aspect of the island, off the beaten track and away from tourist crowds. Thus, during the period from September to October, but also from April to May, you can go to Corsica to enjoy mild temperatures without having to deal with the horde of tourists who come to enjoy the summer.

What to wear in Corsica?

During the summer, do not forget your most beautiful swimsuits and your light outfits because the weather is warm and dry. However, there are many areas exposed to wind, especially if you live in altitude, so plan to take a relatively light jumper to protect you from breezes.
If you are going to Corsica in the winter period, take an umbrella and a waterproof jacket to protect you from the few days of rain. Although the temperatures remain pleasant, you will need a few warm clothes to enjoy all that the island has to offer.

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