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Places to visit in Corsica

Do not rely on appearances, although Corsica is a small island, it is full of unmissable places, all more beautiful than the others: sea, mountains, beaches, hinterland, calanques... Villanovo have grouped for you all the places to see during a stay in Corsica. So you can fully enjoy your holiday on the island of Beauty with so much authentic charm.

Places to visit in Corsica - Corsica


This is one of the most touristic places of Corsica, but certainly also one of the most impressive. A sparkling port set on a spectacular cliff sculpted by the spray of the sea... one might think that one is in Italy, but one is well in the South of Corsica.

Wander through the aisles down the harbour, populated by kiosks and small authentic shops. But for an unforgettable memory of this unique place, we advise you to stroll through Bonifacio during a sunset to admire the sublime colours of the twilight reflected on the cliffs.

Do not miss the beautiful beaches and the calanques such as the beach of Fazio or the beach of Piantarella.


The capital of Balagne has much to make you discover! With its hilly coastline of 6km of beaches, this ancient citadel of the 15th century is one of the must-see attractions of the island of Beauty.
Between authenticity and luxury, a stay in Calvi allows you to discover the Corsican tradition while enjoying the sophisticated life that reigns over this part of Haute Corse, with its charming breweries, its cafes and its excellent restaurants.

Do not forget to visit the beautiful Saint-Jean-Baptiste church dating from the 13th century. Diving aficionados will be delighted to learn that the area is full of nice diving spots, so you can explore the sparkling waters of the calanques and the beaches of the surroundings.

CALVI - Corsica


A stay in Porto-Vecchio offers the clever mixture of idyllic secret beaches but also spectacular mountain scenery. You can not miss Porto-Vecchio during your stay in the South of Corsica.

This is the third largest city on the island, so it is impossible to get bored in what is sometimes called the "Saint-Tropez" of Corsica. You will find some of the most beautiful beaches on the island, such as the Fautea beach or the famous Santa Giulia beach here.


The city of Napoleon has not finished surprising you! From its atypical architecture, emerges an incredible elegance and an unmatched class. Around the harbour you will find the ancient city with its historic charm and its narrow streets with colourful houses. But you will also find a part of the city that is very modern and very elegant.

Among the places to visit in Ajaccio, there is the house of Bonaparte, but also the Fesch museum for the lovers of art. If you prefer to stroll to soak up the city's bright charm, we advise you to stroll through the harbour at sunset.

AJACCIO - Corsica


If you want to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a Mediterranean city, it is imperative to go to Bastia. Nestled on the side of an impressive mountain, marking the entrance of Cap Corse, this city has a lot to offer visitors who take the time to stop there.

Stop in the Palace of Governors to learn more about the city's colourful history. Perhaps less glamorous than Ajaccio, it does not lack character with its historic districts such as Terra Vecchia and Terra Nova.

Judge for yourself:



This place is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful of Corsica. The intoxicating charm of the rocks that become flamboyant during the sunset will not leave you indifferent! It enjoys an ideal temperature all year round and its centre is always lively, with its cafes, glaciers and petanque players that are part of the DNA of this picturesque place.

L'Île Rousse also hosts the most beautiful beaches of Corsica, with sparkling waters and white sand. It is an ideal destination for a family holiday where your children can enjoy themselves, as there is so much to do in this sublime city.

Stroll through the old town to discover the market, trying Corsican gastronomy, a must during your stay. You can also enjoy incredible views by visiting the lighthouse, in the North of Île Rousse.



Unquestionably one of the most beautiful natural sites of Corsica, a visit to the natural park of Scandola ensures you a moment of wonder. It is a true jewel preserved preciously so much so that there emerges a magical atmosphere. The park is located in the heart of the Golfe de Porto, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983.

You can board boats to discover the wonders of nature in the park, such as small caves, turquoise waters, rich and luxuriant vegetation.

The ports of departure are Porto, Calvi or Galéria.


If you pass through the Corsican centre, you must stop at Corte. This "paoline" city offers a breathtaking view over the valleys of Tavignano and Restonica. But Corte is also a historical and very important place because Pascal Paoli decided to make it the capital of the Corsican Nation in the 17th century. He voted there the Constitution Corsica, called the "first democratic state of Europe of the Enlightenment".

Thus, we advise you to walk through the old town, rich in history, to immerse yourself in the picturesque and authentic atmosphere of Corte. Go to the church of the Annunciation or the museum of Corsica.

You will also find outdoor activities, such as Via Ferrata Tree Climbing Park or a zip line, which will allow the most daring to discover another facet of the city.

CORTE - Corsica


Antique Roman city, this place mixes the beaches, the sublime views from the port and the mountainous landscapes. Today it is a very picturesque little village where you can find petanque players in the central squares, authentic cafés but also small winding streets full of charm.

Take a detour to the beautiful Place Doria where you can admire the fountain "aux grenouilles" and the bell tower of the Sainte-Anne church. Among the must-sees of this place, you will also find the Cathedral of Nebbiu which skilfully blends the architectural styles of Romans and Pisans.

The port of Saint-Florent is worth the detour as it is located at the foot of the impressive Citadel. Enjoy a late afternoon stroll to admire a sublime sunset and stroll among the restaurants and cafes. Saint-Florent is an ideal destination for a family holiday.

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