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Gastronomy in Corsica

One thing is certain: you will always remember your stay in Corsica, for the sublime landscapes, but also for the extraordinary gastronomy of the island. You can not leave without tasting the excellent Corsican meats, and cheeses with a special taste.

The traditional dishes are based on exceptional regional products, which makes all the charm of the Corsican cuisine. Villanovo have selected for you the best local specialties and even offer you a recipe that you can try once in your sublime villa.

Enjoy your meal!

Gastronomy in Corsica - Corsica

The charcuterie

This is one of the leading products of Corsica, especially thanks to local pigs that are fed with products from the maquis. Thus, aromas and perfumes are only sublimated.

Here is a list of the delicatessen you must absolutely taste during your stay:
> Le prisuttu: traditional lean ham
> The coppa: cold cut meat
> Lonzu: fillet of pork surrounded by its fat
> The figatellu: sausage made from pork liver which can be eaten cooked or raw

Fish and seafood

Corsica is a Mediterranean island so many dishes are made from fresh fish! Do not hesitate to taste dishes such as sardines stuffed with brocciu or marinades made with spring honey.
But if you want to eat fish or seafood typical of Corsican gastronomy, you should try the lobster of Centuri or the oysters of the ponds of Diana and Urbino.

Here is the recipe for fish with agliolu, another Corsican specialty.
> 500g of small fish (sardines, mackerel, red mullet...)
> A little flour
> 200ml of olive oil
> 6 garlic cloves
> 250ml of vinegar
> 1 bouquet garni
> 2 cloves

> Roll the flaked and emptied fish into the flour.
> Put them in a large frying pan with olive oil. Once fried, place them in a bowl.
> Thin the garlic cloves and cook them in the pan using the same oil that was used to fry the fish.
> Pour the vinegar in once the garlic is golden brown.
> Add a little water to the boil, adding the cloves and bouquet garni.
> Pour the sauce over the fish, then let it cool between 12 and 24 hours in your refrigerator.

The desserts

Among the desserts, there are of course the excellent Canistrellis, the scented dry cakes but also the Fiadone, Brocciu tart and lemon.

Taste also the fritelli, local doughnuts, or cakes with chestnut flour without forgetting the pastizzu.

Here is a simple recipe for making your own Fiadone:
> 500g of fresh brocciu
> 6 eggs
> 300g of sugar
> a little grated lemon

Beat the eggs, and add the brocciu to the grinder, the sugar, the lemon. Mix well. Lightly oil a pie plate with fairly high edges, pour the mixture and cook on a low heat. Cooking will last about 3/4 hours.

Small trick: to make the fiadone lighter, separate the whites from the yolks and beat the whites into snow before incorporating into the rest of the preparation.


The star of Corsican cheeses is of course the Brocciu, a creamy cheese made from sheep's milk. It is an indispensable element in Corsican cuisine because it is used in many dishes, salty and sweet.

Goat cheeses are also excellent because the goats are fed on the basis of products of the maquis. Do not hesitate to taste cheeses such as Sartène goat cheese, Alta Rocca sheep or Niolo, or the Bastelicaccia.

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