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Gastronomy in Corsica

Holidays in Corsica are not only about paradisiacal beaches and breathtaking landscapes. The island is also synonymous with diverse and colourful cuisine! The specialities of the Isle of Beauty are often linked to its key local products, such as the cultivation of olives, chestnuts and grapes, sheep's milk and pork sausages, to name but a few. Most of these recipes are ancestral and are passed down from generation to generation. They may also vary slightly or be reinterpreted depending on the town or region!
Discover 8 treasures of Corsican gastronomy, to try during your stay and to bring back home as a souvenir of your trip.

Gastronomy in Corsica - Corsica

Corsican biscuits and pastries

Les canistrellis: These dry cakes with almond, lemon or cinnamon are a staple of Corsican gastronomy. Both crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, canistrellis can be eaten at any time of the day, but go especially well with coffee. These cakes originated in Genoa and date back to the 13th century. 

Les cuggiulelle: These white wine-based shortbread biscuits can be enjoyed at any time of the day, but especially during coffee breaks and at snack time! Recipes are often tweaked, and they are often flavoured with aniseed. Originating from Balagne in Haute-Corse, they are very easy to prepare and can be found everywhere in Corsica, sold either in bags or by weight. 

Les frappes: These curiously named pastries are essentially doughnut-fritters, often eaten on special occasions such as weddings, christenings or political events. They are one of the island's must-have desserts and are often flavoured with lemon or orange zest.

Gastronomy in Corsica - Corsica

La fiadone

Fiadone is a typical Corsican dessert. This kind of flan made with brocciu, eggs, sugar and orange peel is often served at the end of the meal with a glass of brandy. Traditionally prepared for Easter, nowadays it is made for many occasions. Originally from the north of Corsica, fiadone owes its ancestry to the Italian flans which were common in the 16th century..

Gastronomy in Corsica - Corsica

Corsican charcuterie

When visiting Corsica, don't miss out on the subtle and fragrant flavours of Corsican charcuterie. Here are the must-try Corsican charcuterie products:

Prisuttu is a traditional cured ham prepared using a very delicate process. It is dried for at least 8 months and matured for 4 months.

Coppa is a type of sausage made from boned, salted, dried and cured pork loin. It is served as an aperitif, thinly sliced, and usually accompanied by bread and a glass of red wine. 

Lonzu is a pork fillet containing a layer of fat. It can be eaten as an aperitif or as a starter. 

Figatellu is a pork liver sausage, usually served grilled, together with chestnut pulenta.

Gastronomy in Corsica - Corsica

Chestnut flour

In Corsica, chestnut flour has had a protected designation of origin (PDO) since 2006. It is used as a basic ingredient in the preparation of many dishes and desserts, such as castagnacci, Corsican flan or canistrellis. With its strong taste, it brings flavour to all your recipes while lending them a pleasant brown colour. 

Local honey

The richness of the flora in Corsica provides the honey with a great diversity of aromas and an intense flavour. You can try out several varieties of honey, but the best known are spring honey, summer maquis honey, chestnut honey and spring maquis honey. To appreciate the richness of its flavour, it is essential to taste before buying!

Gastronomy in Corsica - Corsica

Le brocciu

Brocciu is considered the pride of the island and is made from goat's and sheep's milk. It has a sweet and slightly salty flavour and is used as a base for many recipes such as fiadone - a Corsican flan - or ambruciatte. It is best eaten fresh between December and April to enjoy its remarkable flavour.

Corsican alcoholic drinks

Liqueurs: Corsica boasts a number of liqueurs, the best known of which are Cap Corse - a sweet wine made from cinchona - and the liqueur de Cédrat, prepared using fresh zest of citron and brandy. 

Corsican beer: Among the biggest names in Corsican beer are Pietra, Colomba and Torra. 

Wines: The Île de beauté is renowned for its wines. It has 9 controlled appellations and more than thirty varieties of grape, among them Niellucciu, Sciacarellu, Morescone, Riminese or Codivarta...

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