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Restaurants in Corsica

You stay in Corsica but you do not know the good places to enjoy a good meal? Villanovo have found for you the best addresses of restaurants so that you can savour the dish of your choice, no matter where you are.

We offer you our best addresses according to the different places where we offer our sublime villas.

Restaurants in Corsica - Corsica


Refined cuisine
> Les Quatre Vents
29 Quai Banda del Ferro, 20169 Bonifacio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 73 07 50

Excellent restaurant in the port of Bonifacio, with excellent fish and seafood specialties. It is advisable to book in advance to enjoy a table with a view of the harbour.

> L’an Faim
7 Montée Rastello, 20169 Bonifacio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 73 09 10

Dishes served with an original and modern presentation. The setting is as elegant and refined as the kitchen. Wide choice of meat dishes but also fresh fish.

Wine bars
> Da Passano
53 Quai Comparetti, 20169 Bonifacio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 28 10 90

In an authentic setting you can enjoy excellent traditional dishes accompanied by local wines more exquisite than each other. Special mention for the sublime setting of this Bonifacio wine bar.

International cuisine
> U Castille
7 rue Simon Varsi, 20169 Bonifacio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 73 04 99

Excellent Italian restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Italian specialties, but also Mediterranean dishes.

> A Suliata
Scunzipiu Route de Sant’Amanza, 20169 Bonifacio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 73 12 74

A local favourite situated in a small stone house in the maquis.With a view of the blue waters of Bonifacio, you can enjoy delicious dishes of Italian influence.


Refined cuisine
> Bistro la Table de Nathalie
4 rue Jean Jaurès, 20137, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 71 65 25

This is one of the best addresses in Porto-Vecchio. You can taste local and fresh dishes to immerse yourself in the best of Corsican culture and savour its exquisite gastronomy, under the wise advice of Nathalie.

> Terrama
Place Dit Aja del Forno road to Palombaggia, 20137, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 50 03 94

The setting is as beautiful as the food in this lovely restaurant. Luxury and elegance will be there. It is preferable to book in advance if you wish to have a table with a view of the port of Porto-Vecchio.

International cuisine
> Sushi Bar
18 rue du General de Gaulle, 20137, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 28 06 99

Lovers of Japanese gastronomy will be delighted! This address offers excellent trays of original and fresh sushi. We also recommend you to enjoy the cocktails to refresh yourself in a rustic place full of character.

Local cuisine
> Le Refuge Cartalavonu
Quartier Cartalavone, 20137, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 70 00 39

This is the address par excellence if you want to savour Corsican specialties. On the menu are dishes based on local products, meats, cheeses, cold meats and local wines.


Local cuisine
> La Cave
Place Paoli, 20220 Île Rousse, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 47 18 92

In this restaurant you can enjoy 100% local products. A family kitchen that will delight young and old alike with simple but excellent dishes.

> L’Escale
Rue Notre Dame, 20220 Île Rousse, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 60 10 53

What makes the difference in this restaurant is the view of the harbour. What better way to savour an excellent meal with fresh fish, served with an original presentation, than to contemplate a sublime view?

Wine bar
> La Tasqueria
1 rue Dominique Fioravanti, 20220 Île Rousse, Corsica, France
+33 6 73 82 22 00

With its suited lunch formulas and delicious dishes, this wine bar offers you the guarantee of a good time with friends around a table filled with good local products and quality wines.


Refined cuisine
> U Fanale
Route d Ajaccio, 20260, Calvi, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 65 18 82

Modernism and refinement are the keywords of this chic and elegant establishment. Without forgetting the charm so typical of Corsica, you can taste delicious dishes in a sumptuous setting. An address that we highly recommend. Remember to book in advance.

> Le Matahari
Place-dit Ondari, 20260 Lumio, Calvi, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 60 78 47

This address offers the opportunity to taste excellent dishes carefully crafted, feet in the sand, facing a beautiful sunset. An establishment to be tested if you are a fine gourmet.

Local cuisine
> Via Marine Le Bistrot
18 Rue Clemenceau, 20260, Calvi, Corsica, France
+33 4 95 65 06 30

This restaurant offers a wide choice of fish and fresh seafood. Two terraces are at your disposal: one side port, and one side alley, to appreciate the beauty of the old town of Calvi.

> L’Alivu
13 Boulevard Wilson, 20260, Calvi, Corsica, France
+33 6 03 97 71 61

The dishes are served on slates in the shape of the Island of Beauty. This restaurant is a real ode to the beauty of the Corsican gastronomy that you must try if you stay in the city of Calvi.


Refined cuisine
> L’Auberge du pêcheur
Route Entrée Nord, 20217 Saint Florent, Corsica, France
+33 6 24 36 30 42

On the menu: excellent fish dishes accompanied by organic vegetables, well worth a try!

> Restaurant of La Roya Hotel
+33 4 95 37 00 40
You will have the privilege of enjoying exquisite dishes presented in a contemporary way. You will be seated in a charming garden or on the beach to taste delicious dishes. Remember to book if you wish to have a table.

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