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Culture and Tradition in Italy

In the land of the dolce vita, one sets to the Italian hour without being asked. Enjoy the good weather, visit the museums, stroll through the historic districts, take a nap after a hearty lunch... Traditions remain topical in Italy, and is the ideal place for curious travellers and those in search of a change of scenery.

Culture and Tradition in Italy - Italy

Italian culture, an invaluable wealth

Italy has played a major role in the history of the West. Important cultural hearth, cradle of the Etruscan civilisation, centre of the Roman Empire...the country has also been cradled by many artistic currents. The result is an incredibly rich cultural heritage that you will not find anywhere else. This is reflected in the profusion of museums, palaces and churches throughout the country. Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, is, in itself, a beautiful historical and cultural showcase where architectural jewels succeed one another. From the Ponte Vecchio to the Bartolini Palace, visitors are entitled to an unforgettable journey through time. Italy is also indissociable from the great names of art, such as Da Vinci and Michelangelo whose works continue to move visitors to the Place du Capitole in Rome. During the month of April, Culture Week is a pretext for living and discovering Italy in a different way. Some museums even welcome visitors for free. The May of the monuments in Naples is another event that gives rise to many surprises, such as guided tours, concerts, etc.

The other face of the country is Catholicism, which has undeniably shaped its identity. Each city has its patron saint who is the object of all kinds of rituals. This religious facet is appreciated in a grandiose, almost theatrical setting in the Vatican, with its museums, the famous Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.

Italian traditions: from cooking to lifestyle

The Italians are a Mediterranean people. It naturally results in an exceptional sweetness of life, great friendliness and easy contact. In this part of Southern Europe, life is punctuated by traditions. The family is a pillar of Italian society, and every pretext is good to meet with friends and family around a good table. Meals are sometimes interminable, antipasti to the coffee, which leaves ample time to discuss. And the Italians love to talk and converse, not only at home, but also in public places like the piazzas, real centres of social and cultural life.

A nonchalant atmosphere settles after lunch, especially during the summer. It is the time of the siesta, an institution that has lasted since Antiquity. The town's fall asleep, the shops close and everyone rests to live better after a few hours of break. In the late afternoon, life resumes its course and the animation is again the highlight. This is the perfect time to sit on the terrace of a cafe or eat gelato.

Italian traditions: from cooking to lifestyle - Italy

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