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Expressions and useful words in Italian

Before starting your Italian adventure, it is recommended that you know some basic vocabulary to be able to succeed in all situations. In addition, Italians will appreciate that you are making the effort to speak their language and will be happy to listen to you.

Knowing expressions and words of the local language is a very nice way to get closer to the culture of this dream country. Are you encouraged to speak Italian?

Expressions and useful words in Italian - Italy


You should know that the Italians are very close people and they greet each other effusively. Here you will find the basic vocabulary to greet people in beautiful Italy:

- Ciao! - It serves to say hello and also to say goodbye
- Buon giorno - Good morning
- Buon pomeriggio - Good afternoon
- Buona sera - Good evening
- Buona notte - Good night (referring to the time when you go to sleep)
- Buona giornata - Have a nice day!
- Buona serata - Have a good night!
- Arrivederci - Goodbye (it's a more formal way of saying goodbye)

In the airport

- Aeroporto - Airport
- Fare il check in - Check in
- Bagaglio da stiva - Luggage that goes in the hold of the plane
- Bagaglio a mano - Hand luggage
- Valigia - Suitcase
- Volo - Flight

In the restaurant

- Ristoranti - Restaurant
- A tavolo per due, per favore - A table for two, please
- Posso avere il menu per favore? - Can you give me the menu, please?
- Posso avere un tovagliolo? - Can you bring me a napkin?
- Dov'è il bagno? - Where is the bathroom?
- Il conto per favore - The bill, please
- Coperto - Covered
- Chiuso / aperto - Closed / open
- Posso pagare con la carta di credito? - Can I pay with credit card?
- La prima colazione - Breakfast
- Il pranzo - Lunch
- Cena - Dinner

Other useful expressions

- Mi scusi, posso farle una domanda? - Excuse me, can I ask you a question?
- Come sta? - How are you?
- Bene, grazie! - Fine, thanks!
- Piacere di conoscerti - Nice to meet you
- Parli inglese? - Do you speak English?
- Parla più lentamente, per favore - Speak more slowly, please
- Io capisco l'italiano solo un po' - I only understand a little bit of Italian
- Non capisco - I do not understand
- Mi sono perso/a - I'm lost
- Aiuto! - Help!
- Posso usare il suo telefono? - Can I use your phone?
- Sinistra - Left
- Destra - Right
- Quanto costa una stanza singola / doppia? - How much does a single / double room cost?
- Sono malato/a - I'm sick

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