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What to do in Italy?

Prepare your stay in Italy with Villanovo and discover a country with timeless charm that transports you to a distant time through its historical monuments, its museums sheltering the masterpieces of the antiquity to the Renaissance and its vestiges of the time Roman. Before packing your bags into your villa, you should consider the unmissable activities that await you in this southern European country.

What to do in Italy? - Italy

Visiting the prestigious cities of Italy

It is difficult to spend a long stay in Italy without making a detour to the cities that make everyone talk of this country which was the seat of the Roman civilisation. History buffs will also enjoy strolling through the lively streets of the prestigious cities of Italy. Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence, Turin and Milan are certainly the cities that perfectly define Italy and its medieval character.
Whether you choose to rent a villa in Rome or prefer to stay in Naples, you will soon be conquered by these majestic historic buildings that proudly stand above the arteries of each city. The visit to these open-air museums is certainly the first thing to do once in Italy.
In Rome, for example, you will not miss the ancient ruins that testify to the greatness of the Roman Empire. The Colosseum, the dome of the Pantheon or the Saint Peter's Basilica are all masterpieces to discover during your holidays. Spiritual and mysterious, Florence, and quaint Pisa, which hosts the Tower of Pisa, reflect all the beauty of the Renaissance through its artistic treasures that you will discover at the Uffizi Gallery.

Discovery of an exceptional landscape

Visiting Italy also means discovering its natural landscape that adds a hint of beauty and authenticity to this country brimming with romance. The island of Elba, in Florence, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Mont Blanc, the Lake District in Milan, the island of Sicily or the island of Sardinia, the Amalfi Coast, the Cinque Terre...all these marvels of nature are found in Italy!
And to complete your visit, do not forget to taste Italian cuisine, renowned for its healthy and balanced side. From north to south, do not hesitate to taste the regional specialties that are the pride of the Italians. To the north, the risotto, rice mixed with butter, will be honoured, while on Naples side, the Neapolitan pizza, sprinkled with a drizzle of olive oil, will delight your taste buds!

Discovery of an exceptional landscape - Italy

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