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Weather and climate in Italy

Weather and climate in Italy

The weather and climate in the Southern European country of Italy is very appealing throughout the whole year as it is blessed with plenty of sunshine. Winters are often quite mild and summers are warm and dry. However, the weather varies depending on which region you decide to visit. Northern Italy tends to be cooler than Southern Italy.

Weather and climate in Italy - Italy

The Seasons

Temperatures vary depending on which part of Italy you are in. Typically in the North winters can be very cold with temperatures reaching a low of around -3ºC and a high of around 7ºC. In central Italy, temperatures reach a low of around 4ºC and a high of around 13ºC. Finally, in the South, temperatures reach a low of around 11ºC and a high of around 15ºC during the winter months.

Again, temperatures vary depending on which part of Italy you are in, although days tend to be quite hot with plenty of sunshine. In the North, summers reach a low temperature of 16ºC and a high of around 28ºC. In central Italy, summers reach a minimum temperature of 19ºC and a maximum temperature of around 28ºC. In the South, temperatures reach a low of 24ºC and peak at around 29ºC.

When is the best time to go?

Italy is a brilliant destination to visit all year round especially if you love going on city breaks. Between the months of April and June is prime tourist time as the weather is warm and reliable. During July and August the Italians are on holiday which means that prices can become really expensive and this is period sees the hottest temperatures. If you’re not a fan of the crowds, the best time to go is during September or October where the weather is still pleasant, but there are less tourists.

What to wear in Italy?

Italy, the fashion capital of the world, is home to the city of Milan which is globally known for its designer labels and fashionable items. As Italy is blessed with hot and sunny weather during the summer, we advise you to pack lightweight clothing such as shorts and t-shirts or dresses. It can be a bit cooler in the evenings so take a cardigan or light jumper with you. Mountainous areas can be considerably colder so dress appropriately if you go there. During the winter period it can be a lot colder so you may want to bring jumpers and warmer clothing with you. Make sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes with you for all the sightseeing opportunities this wonderful country presents you with.

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