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Main Events in Italy

Italy, a beautiful country full of celebration and festivities, has some must see events throughout the year. Events range to suit every taste and preference - there really is something for everyone! Listed below are some of the best ones to visit during the summer months.

Main Events in Italy - Italy


> Festival dei Due Mondi
Translated as the ‘Festival of Two Worlds’, this event is held annually during June in Spoleto and has become one of the most famous performing arts festivals in the whole of Italy. The festival features performances in the form of concerts, ballets, art, films, and operas, showcasing the best of worldwide talent.

> Arena di Verona Opera Festival
This event is held in Verona each year and the 20,000 seats in the Roman-era amphitheater are always filled for Italy’s most famous outdoor opera event which is now more than a century old.


> Grande Opera alle Terme di Caracalla
Translated as the Grand Opera of Terme di Caracalla, this event was established in the year of 1937 and is host to the most unforgettable operatic appearances under the stars in the ancient Roman baths of Rome.

> Sagre Paesane
This event is literally a festival to celebrate the local food and traditional culture of small towns and cities. This event may include a fireworks display and is a great way to interact with the locals and meet the Italians.


> Palio di Siena
This event held in Siena is a medieval horse race which takes place in Piazza del Campo, the central square. Jockeys from each of the 17 neighbourhoods compete and the winner then holds an all-night celebration in the streets of their neighbourhood which involves a lot of eating and drinking.

> La Biennale di Venezia
One of the most extravagant art exhibitions in the whole world, this event, held in Venice, was established way back in 1895 and has become a local favourite.


> Festa di San Gennaro
Translated as ‘the Feast of San Gennaro’, this event is held annually in Naples at the Duomo. This is a celebration of the city’s patron saint who was beheaded and festivities last for around a week with plenty of good Italian food.

> Turin International Street Theatre Festival
In September each year, the city of Turin holds a week long festival full of live performances and events in the streets. Tourists will enjoy the fantastic displays and bright colours. More than a thousand artists come from all around the world to have fun and show off their talents.

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