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The charm of Thailand this winter

Written on : 20 July 2018
The charm of Thailand this winter

To escape low winter temperatures which prevent you from going out of bed, why not opt for a warming destination such as Thailand? Thanks to its tropical climate, the country will warm you up with its vast beaches, natural parcs, cultural visits and natural body care. Moreover, leaving at this precise moment of the year, you will avoid massive tourism as well as the rainy season and its impressive rain showers… You got it, the best moment to explore Thailand is this winter!

Phuket, a must-see

Thanks to ideal temperatures at this period of the year, the winter is definitely the season to prioritize to discover Phuket. Villanovo invites you to discover the activities not to miss during your stay on the famous island.

Nai Harn Beach

Well-known for its exceptional beaches, Phuket also owns some natural treasures, more discreet, but worth the trip. It is the case of Nai Harn beach, located in the south of the province. Indeed, this huge beach of fine sand and with powerful waves is surrounded by green hills and hosts the luxurious yachts of the ones who covet it. The bay also houses small shops and restaurants in order to make you taste local dishes in one of the best environment on earth.  

Green Elephant Sanctuary Park

Animal lovers, you won’t be surprised to learn that Thailand is full of treasures for you. If you probably have seen pictures of tourists with elephants before, have you tried the experience by yourself yet? The Green Elephant Sanctuary Park is held by a swiss couple who took the decision of dedicating their lives to the wellness of the specie. Here, no ride on elephants’ backs! Although this activity is very popular among tourists, it implies the suffering of animals. In the Green Elephant Sanctuary Park, we prioritize care: directly in contact with them, you will get the chance to feed and wash them. An original day which will please the whole family!

Naka Market

Crowded, yes, but we know why! One of the most reputed markets of the country invites you to treat your taste buds by tasting all types of Thailandese specialties at unbeatable prices. Center of street-food, the market is the most popular gourmet activity of Phuket with Sunday Walking Street. Do not hesitate to go!

Big Buddha

If its name may sound surprising at first sight, make no mistake: the activity is definitely not to be missed while you are in Phuket. Impressive sculpture of Buddha, the monument is at 380 meters of altitude and offers thus a panoramic view on the south of the province. Moreover, the entrance is free!

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Koh Samui: dream island and tropical luxury

Koh Samui: dream island and tropical luxury

Also known as the pearl of the China Sea, the second biggest city of the country has everything you may dream of. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui benefits from an exceptional situation. Endless beaches lined with palm trees, coconut palms and mountainous forests make of this island the benchmark for luxurious properties of the ones who enjoy discovering exotic landscapes while benefiting of a unique comfort after a full day. Although you would be wrong not to enjoy its beaches, the island has all different types of unusual activities.

Wat Plai Laem

Less visited than Big buddha, the Buddhist temple Wat Plai Laem nevertheless remains active. Everyday, the faithful meet there to honour Guanyin and Buddha. True architectural masterpiece of local decoration, the temple will immerse you in the Thai culture and will make you experiment the most authentic change of scenery.

Boat Tour to Koh Phangan

If you like boat tours, don’t hesitate to go have a tour from Koh Phangan from Samui! In the case where you would not have time to visit the Island, exploring its surroundings thanks to a private boat tour is a great alternative which will give you a breath of fresh air and will please all the family.

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Koh Phangan for a stay charged with emotions

Koh Phangan for a stay charged with emotions

Very well known for its parties, Ko Phangan has nevertheless much more to offer. Whether you like to dive in the depths of the ocean, to relax in a revigoring sauna or to party in one of the biggest event in the world, indulge yourself with a dream vacation on the island.

Diving and snorkeling

If diving and snorkeling are some of the most popular activities in the island, the advantage is that, once under water, the tourist buzz disappear for the benefit of a total immersion in the heart of the beauty of the seabed. Alone facing the marvels of the aquatic landscape, you won’t be disappointed by the natural diversity of this site known to be wild. The only thing you have to do is to admire the show.

A herb sauna

Healing the body with plants? It is at least in what believe Thailandese people. Professional of all kinds of body care, wellness’ offers abound. If massages remain one of the most popular services because of their international reputation, why not try new experiences? In Wat Pho, a traditional temple without pretension, the herb sauna did not get regular customers weary. Specialty of the house, the method consists of boiling herbs such as tamarin and citronella in a pot for the benefit of the clients, reunited by gender, in line with the Thailandese modesty.

The Full Moon Party 

How to talk about Koh Phangan without mentioning its famous Full Moon Party? Once a month, at the full moon, locals and tourists (up to 150 000 in high season) reunite on Haad Rin beach for a night to admire various fire shows and dance until dawn with the best DJs. If the event will fill up the party lovers, be careful not to confuse Full Moon with a night activity for all audiences: its access is allowed to people over 18 only.

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