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Villa Villa Kailasha, Rental in BaliBali - 3 Bedrooms
Villa Villa Arsana, Rental in BaliBali - 4 Bedrooms
Villa Villa San, Rental in BaliBali - 6 Bedrooms

Bali, the island of gods

In Bali, you will find a world of colour, of art and harmony, a paradise, a place where temples and traditional rituals coexist with creative boutiques and cool restaurants. The vibrant and authentic culture of Bali, driven by a population of legendary kindness that has conserved their customs, is undoubtedly one of the first attractions.

The island also offers beautiful beaches, hills covered with forests and rice paddies, the country is beautiful. Villanovo offers villa rentals in Bali, on four corners of the island. The perfect opportunity to explore undiscovered interior villages, around volcanic reliefs and cultivated valleys in a striking light!

You will love the Southern beaches, visits to the temple of Uluwatu, surfing waves in the world famous Kuta Reef and Balian Beach, unique diving spots, lively markets, unforgettable walks and treks and a kitchen to discover.

Our luxury villas in Bali have been carefully selected by our team to offer comfortable vacations and services on the spot. Ask our specialists now! In Indonesia, we also have a selection of luxury villas in Lombok with homes just feet from the water and minutes from the most beautiful seabed area. Discover all that this incredible community has to offer new visitors to the area.

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Bali - 5 BedroomsVilla Villa Mata Air, Rental in BaliSindy C. - June 2016

Everything! The whole set up was perfect for a family holiday. Villas were located around the grassed...

Bali - 3 BedroomsVilla Villa Cocogroove, Rental in BaliAlastair S. - July 2013

the standard of food was very good. we ate Indonesian style food from the menu. i like the idea of the...

Bali - 3 BedroomsVilla Bunga Wangi, Rental in BaliAlastair S. - July 2013

the areas and space were very nice. The pool is good fun and the right size and depth. this villa suits...

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