Focus on the Indian Ocean

Written on : 11 December 2017

The treasures of the archipelago

A true wonder of nature, the Indian Ocean is a dream destination. Expand your horizons by exploring the most beautiful islands hidden in the heart of this unspoiled beauty. Capture some moments of "heaven on earth" by staying in a luxurious villa in Mauritius, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka or the Maldives. For years, our experts have built a catalogue to find for you the rare pearl!


With its natural parks, beautiful beaches and many hiking spots, Mauritius is undeniably one of the dream destinations on this planet. An incredible playground to discover with family or friends. Let yourself be dazzled by the most captivating pearls of the Mascarenes! From the enchanting landscapes to the golden beaches, to the turquoise lagoon, the island is a combination of tropical delights that will appeal to both hikers and lovers of the great outdoors alike. Take the opportunity to discover the must-see places such as the Ile aux Cerfs, the Black River Gorges National Park, the amazing village of Chamarel, or the Ile aux Aigrettes whose fauna remains absolutely exceptional. You will have the chance to discover an incredible culture, built on millenary traditions but also a surprising gastronomy that promises a trip rich in flavour!

Enjoy your holidays to try the many golf courses, a spectacle for the eyes but also a challenge for the biggest players.

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Sri Lanka

Sometimes called the drop of water fallen from India, Sri Lanka is a dream destination that has a lot to offer its visitors. Still spared from mass tourism, it offers this pleasant feeling of being disconnected from the world, but the adventure is at the heart of it. Nicknamed the island of jewels, it carries its name particularly well with its many activities (beaches, water sports, hiking...), its unique cultural offer, very important religious rituals (dance shows, traditions and customs, Buddhist temples, remains and historical and prehistoric sites...), its unusual nature (protected parks, mangroves, highlands, mountains, various crops - tea, latex, fruit, coconut, sugar cane...). You will have the chance to discover a unique culture with its customs and traditions to respect, but also a gastronomy high in flavours that promises a journey rich in spices and discoveries.

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The Seychelles

Limiting the Seychelles to their beaches would be a crime against the beauty and wealth of these exceptional islands. Discover the wild side of this heavenly destination, worthy of a postcard. Between national parks, incredible fauna and flora but also atypical local lifestyle. Preserved by their unique isolation, you will feel disconnected from your daily life. Between Mahé and Praslin, you will inevitably find the place that suits your expectations! With a villa rental in the Seychelles, you will have your own little piece of paradise. On the island of Praslin, you will have the chance to relax on the beach of Anse Lazio and swim in the turquoise waters that border it. As a side excursion, head in the direction of the Valley of May, inscribed with the World inheritance of UNESCO for its floristic richness. You will discover the famous coconut palms, whose fruit, the coco-buttock, has become the emblem of the country, not only for its form, but also for its taste. On the island of La Digue, the experience is even more authentic with the opportunity to go for a walk, bike or oxcart through green ridges, to a sandy beach bathed by crystal clear water, Grand'Anse.

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The Maldives

With its beaches and idyllic lagoons, the seabed populated by incredible colourful inhabitants and multicoloured corals, the Maldives capture the hearts of travellers who visit these magnificent islands. Nature has combined with wonder to give birth to this pearl necklace of the Indian Ocean. You will wonderful holidays in these charming countries! You will hardly have time to get bored, because the Maldives Islands offer you a thousand things to do. Various water sports will make sportsmen happy. After having fun on a jet-ski, surfing, kayaking and windsurfing, join the beach for some relaxation.

But, obviously, scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the most popular pursuits in the Maldives. Added to this is the pleasure of sailing combined with the practice of sport fishing. Then join the islands of Haa Alifu, Baa and Raa. Exploring the coral reefs around these atolls provides absolute well-being. Do not forget your camera to capture every moment under water. You will be able to keep this magic moment in the midst of manta rays and whale sharks.

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