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Villa Paradisa in the Southwest of France: a property that is aptly named

Written on : 27 February 2019

Véronique, our expert in our rentals in France, based in the Ile de Ré, left her island to go southwest to Les Mathes to visit Villa Paradisa. Indeed, at Villanovo, our experts are very involved. It is important for them to go on site and immerse themselves in the experience around a stay in our villas to provide you with quality service and tailor-made advice.
Here, in all transparency, Véronique gives you her experience during her visit. Will you be convinced?

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Veronique, expert in France

I visited the Villa Paradisa this weekend, it is also aptly named. To access this little corner of paradise, the road was very nice. A holiday air invades me as soon as I crossed the bridge overlooking the Seudre.


Pleasant infrastructure in a beautiful setting

Located at Les Mathes in La Palmyre, this is the ideal place for family holidays, focused on sports, but also relaxation, not to mention corporate seminars.
To my astonishment, I enter the grounds of the Palmyre Golf Resort to access the Villa Paradisa.

When I arrived, I was invited to the restaurant lounge, the Rhino's Club, with a black and white design. The temperature was an idyllic 18°C, ideal for brunching out in the sun. The menus are very appetising and I feasted.

Then an appointment with the director of the golf resort for a small electric cart ride on the course. A unique site, one of the most beautiful 9-hole courses of the Atlantic coast, located next to the Club Med de la Palmyre, between pines and a breathtaking view of the ocean.
During your stay at Villa Paradisa, this resort opens its doors to you, both to drive the ball or to enjoy the terrace for a lunch.

A villa with indisputable charm and luxury amenities

A villa with indisputable charm and luxury amenities

Back to visit the villa, which does not lack charm.
I see myself very well enjoying this lounge area facing the golf course, sunbathing with a lemonade, or donning my swimsuit to dive into the pool, or enjoying the sunrise from the master bedroom.
I am told that a dry sauna will soon be set up in this room. The villa makes you want to stay and relax...But no, it's time to take the bikes and discover the surroundings!

A range of activities in the surrounding area

A range of activities in the surrounding area

Let's start with Club Med's infrastructure. In 2 pedals, we cross a "private" door to the complex, ready to enjoy activities (tennis, swimming pool, archery, football, water sports...). Travellers must of course subscribe to the Club Med option offered in addition to the various activities but it also allows benefits from the "all inclusive" (breakfasts, lunch, dinners, drinks...). I learn that Club Med will soon have 4 tridents and will be modernised.
It's time to take the path to the ocean and visit the surroundings. Unfortunately, I did not have time to cycle all the way along the bike path to the Côte Sauvage. 30 kms return to the Lighthouse of the Curve represents a sacred distance...! But I enjoyed the few kilometres: the restaurants by the sea, the nautical base with its small port, the forest that reminds me of the bike paths of the Ile de Ré and not forgetting the beautiful beaches...I'm surprised by the sandbar that is never covered with water. I see off 2 paddle boarders in the canal where the water is calm.
I also imagine renting a catamaran from the nautical base and leaving according to the wind.
For surfers, the ideal spot seems to be located on the Wild Coast; I am also told about the local surfer who looks so much like Brice de Nice.

A paradise for horse lovers

A paradise for horse lovers

The end of the day arrives and we return to the villa to take the car and go to the Equestrian Center of Maine Gaudin where an International Jumping Competition takes place. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you I am a horse enthusiast! It offers walks on the beach during the summer season. But I had the great pleasure of attending, for a few hours, the passage of great riders such as Kevin Staut and Eugénie Angot who were training their young horses.

Night is falling, it's time to hit the road and return to my island...