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Renting villas in South-West France

A comfortable and authentic experience

Discover the most beautiful landscapes of France by opting for a luxury villa rental in the South-Western part of France. Villanovo have selected for you the most beautiful villas to make your stay enjoyable, but also to allow you to discover the loveliest regions of South-West France. Amongst the essentials, Arcachon and its lagoons situated in the heart of the Landes of Gascogne. Located between Cap-Breton and the Grave point, the Arcachon Bay will make you discover a city endowed with exceptional architecture and medieval character.

It’s an authentic experience that awaits you in the South-West with the discovery of small picturesque villages, vast sandbanks, but also an incredible bird reserve. The avifauna lovers will be delighted to take walks in the Birds Island, a place where many wild bird species gather, while the partygoers will make their way toward Gers.



  1. French Basque Country
  2. Arcachon Bay
  3. Cap Ferret
  4. Hossegor

Number of rooms

  1. 3+
  2. 4+
  3. 5+
  4. 6+
  5. 7+
  6. 8+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Children welcome
  3. Hammam
  4. Spa
  5. Jacuzzi
  6. Private swimming pool
  7. Direct access to the beach
  8. House staff
5 Villa Villas
3 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms - 6 maxSouthwest - French Basque Country
5 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms - 10 maxSouthwest - Arcachon Bay
5 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms - 10 maxSouthwest - Cap Ferret
7 Bedrooms - 6 Bathrooms - 12 maxSouthwest - Hossegor
8 Bedrooms - 8 Bathrooms - 16 maxSouthwest - Arcachon Bay

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